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At the Feet of The Mother

Living Words (1): The Word has Power

The word has power, even the ordinary word releases into the psychological and occult atmosphere certain energies that have concrete and lasting repercussions upon the earth. The physical scientists would perhaps even say that the word contains within it certain vibrations that have an impact and influence on the very structure of matter and its behaviour. The biologists would note the influence of sound upon the cells. The psychologists of course know very well the power of words and their impact upon building (or destroying our lives). For the spiritual seeker, it has always been said that one must be careful about not only what one speaks and writes but also about what one thinks. It not only impacts those around us but also the person who uses speech as an instrument for expressing certain states of consciousness. Surely a spiritually realized person can pass on his influence even in silence, but not all are ready to open and receive this silent influence that is often much more potent than words. Man lives largely in the external consciousness and needs something to touch him there and through that penetrate deeper into his inner layers. The word does this work.

A word of Wisdom and Power not only penetrates the inner being but also touches the outer surface layers of life with sound impact and moulds not just the inner but also the outer character of a man. This was the secret of the mantra that the ancient Rishis knew so well. The mantra was the highest possibility of speech and by its power could unlock an inner door as well as create a powerful outer atmosphere that would prevent the entry of all sorts of forces and energies that are harmful to the seeker of a higher life. Very simply, the word is a vehicle that contains within it the state of consciousness of the person who has used it as a means of expression. It is a capsule of rejuvenating Light or benumbing poison depending upon how it is used, the person used it and the secret purpose towards which it is directed.

The Mother beautifully explains this in one single word, in response to a query:

Q: You put something in Your words which enables us to see the Truth that words cannot convey. What is it that accompanies Your words?

A: Consciousness.   [December 1967, CWM 13:27]

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