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At the Feet of The Mother

Looking for a Guru of the Integral Yoga

In the Integral Yoga the only Guru, in fact much more than a Guru, are Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. They have written all that is needed on every possible subject. Besides Their constant Help is with all who aspire for a higher life. In a general way They help all who sincerely call Them in a moment of distress.

Those who have turned to Their teachings and sincerely aspire to come out of Ignorance, that source of all misery and suffering, become recipients of a special Grace that They embody for the work They have come to do.  These become Her special children who by this act of complete giving open to the highest Grace and are protected even from their own egos which is the most distressing and damaging of all things.

Now it all depends upon the kind of relationship we seek to form with Them, more specifically with the Mother. Therefore, the advisable thing is to read Her writings and Sri Aurobindo’s Letters on Yoga.  Get into the practice of calling Her as often as you can and offer your daily activities to Her. For the moment this is enough to make a good beginning.  The rest will develop depending upon the sincerity of your faith and aspiration.

In one word, think less and less about yourself and more and more of the Divine Mother with trust in Her Grace for which nothing is impossible.


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