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At the Feet of The Mother

Loss of Memory in Sadhana


In which part of the mind is the memory of everything stored?

It is not in the mind alone; it is stored in the subconscient (mind, vital and physical) as impressions — also in the inner being all is present but held back as a store of past experience.

If one shuts out emotions, doesn’t one become absent-minded?

Absentmindedness has nothing to do with emotions, it has to do with mind, memory and thoughts.

Why do we sometimes fail to remember certain things even though we try our best to recollect them?

It is the nature of the physical consciousness to forget.

My memory is very weak and dull. How to set it right?

By training it to remember, practice (abhyasa).

My mind has almost lost its power of memory. Can’t remember anything. One minute after reading even your answers to my letters I forget all about them!

There is very often a complaint of this kind made during the course of the sadhana. I suppose that the usual action of memory is for a time suspended by the mental silence or else by the physical tamas.

How then is life to be carried on? The Mother’s Force reminds me of what is to be done at the right time.

That happens. The memory comes back in another way of action.

I do not know what to do when I fail to understand your answer properly, as for instance about memory.

It depends on the character of the answer. Sometimes the answer is not intended to be full or explicit — as about the memory, it was simply meant to hint that there would be a change or transformation of the memory as of everything else.

Cannot a power of memory be brought down like peace or strength? How else is this difficulty to be solved?

No, but by the change of the consciousness there can be a more conscious and perfect functioning of the memory replacing the old mechanism.

Just as I seek the Mother’s help for opening in me new capacities for her work, can I not do the same regarding memory?

Yes, if the consciousness opens itself sufficiently to the action of the higher Force.

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