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At the Feet of The Mother

Lowering of Consciousness Following a Conversation

It is quite easy to observe instances of lowering of consciousness following a conversation. The principle behind it is that speech is a means of externalizing the consciousness (which is evident) and hence when we speak with someone we tend to throw out whatever we have accumulated within.

Now as long as we remain on the same average ground of humanity this may not make much difference. But the moment we begin our journey of ascension, of yoga, then it tends to become more and more obvious. Not only do we lose what we have gained but by hearing the other person we also receive something of the other person’s consciousness. This is called as vital interchange in the yogic parlance of which close intimate physical relationship is one form and conversations is another. The rule of yoga therefore is to keep the conversation to a minimum, to speak with an inner poise, avoid animated discussions, arguments and heated exchanges. Most of all one has to be careful of the company one keeps.

Does this mean that one would have no friends? Certainly not since friendship is an indispensable note in the total divine harmony of creation. One should have a general goodwill towards all but closeness is always with a few and it is best if those few share a common aspiration. One thing of which one must be specially careful and it is to avoid all degrading conversations of a lower nature, gossip, etc.

While such measures can be taken with conversations of a social nature, it is difficult to avoid this with regard to work. But here too one can focus on important elements, to keep the conversation centered around the work or profession and remain mostly inwards. 

Finally to stay inwards in a state of inner Remembrance while carrying on the conversation outside or for that matter all other works is one of the most important processes of the yoga. Feeling the the Mother’s presence is a sure way to cut off all harmful vibrations that may reach out to us through the person we are conversing.

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