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At the Feet of The Mother

A Magnificent Heavenly Darshan in Matrimandir – Champaklal

7.1.1986    Darshan

As soon as I stepped in, She saturated me. I entered an altogether different world. I had to struggle to keep my eyes open. Ultimately they got closed. The whole of Matrimandir seemed to be rolling from side to side. So I opened my eyes and saw that Matrimandir was steady, but again as I shut them, Matrimandir appeared to be tossing and turning like before. Once more I opened my eyes, and found that it was very stable. This happened three times. I do not recollect when it actually ceased tumbling. Later it started whirling slowly like a merry-go-round. Suddenly it was spinning very fast. Then its pace slowed down and it began to plunge down, deep down in the abyss. Finally when it got settled, a marvellous figure was seen. As soon as it touched Matrimandir, I do not know what happened but I felt that I was back to my original place inside the structure.

Now the walls of Matrimandir were transparent and luminous. Then gradually they were interchanging their colours many times. Eventually they appeared to be of a translucent, brilliant and resplendent golden colour. I could see very vividly far-off objects on all sides, all in one expansive gaze. It was a fantastic sight! Around Matrimandir, up to a certain distance, there were different kinds of beautiful, bright and fascinating flower plants of varied hues, never seen before. Behind them were numerous trees of diverse kinds. Many of them were adorned with lovely glistening blossoms while many were of lustrous colours. Beyond them, very very far, there was a vast open space in the midst of which shone an exquisite, radiant and magnificent throne of superb workmanship and a golden glow. On its right side were seated children, women, men and aged persons from different countries. But on its left was an unprecedented scene of many kinds of animals and birds of land and sky. All the animals, both gentle and ferocious, were there together, many of them never seen before. There were ever so many offspring. Beyond, on one side, there was a wide serene lake in which bloomed lotuses of many colours as well as of shimmering gold and silver, which held one spellbound. On the other side, there was another similar large lake with water creatures and objects. There were beautiful fish and crocodiles of varied colours. The water was so transparent that all kinds of riches: pearls, rubies, emeralds, corals, shells, conches, beautiful plants, herbs and many other precious things were seen vividly and distinctly, all at the same time, in one extensive glance. One cannot possibly see them with the naked eye. How to write of all this?

Beyond the lakes was a colossal tree the limits of whose top and sides could not be seen. Its branches were touching the ground. Its every leaf constantly radiated light of varying colours. The whole tree was profuse with lotus-like flowers of many shades including silver and golden ones in between. These sparkling flowers were so fascinating that one would keep on looking at them. I was allured by this enchanting sight for a pretty long time. After this were seen multi-coloured mountains glowing with light. The peaks of many of them were not visible. At this place, some people were seen moving about here and there. They included children, women and aged persons. There were different types of beautiful houses of unusual and novel architecture and construction, scattered on various spots on the plains and mountains. While I write, I realise that it is not possible to see so much at the same time but the infinite Grace made possible what was impossible. Every time I reflect, ‘I could never have seen this!’ That is exactly how I felt then.

My eyes turned again to the throne and I saw that golden light was continuously emanating from it. It seemed that the Mother was seated there in Her golden translucent body. Again it appeared that Sri Aurobindo was there. In between, time and again was seen an incredible vision of the two-in-one body. It seemed to be a transparent body but I could not comprehend how it was inside.

The meditation started. The Mother herself was singing. Instrumental music was heard but one could not see from where the notes came or which was the musical instrument. The Mother’s voice was extremely sweet and melodious and evoked spontaneous concentration. It was a peaceful, exhilarating and elevating atmosphere. I was all along aware of being in a grand new world. This continued for quite some time. Then I saw something marvellous!

The Mother and Sri Aurobindo, two together in one body, were seen in front of each and every one at the same time, in a benediction-pose, with their right hand showing grace and love. What an indescribable scene of wonder and beatitude! Everything became quiet and peaceful. Suddenly an ear-piercing resounding victory conch was heard. Simultaneously the children were seen wonder-struck as their physical bodies were slowly and gradually undergoing change and they attained youth. The young people turned strong and well-built while the aged were transformed into the prime of youth. The animals and birds were released from their genetic lineage and were seen in different beautiful forms. Now it started drizzling and then pouring. The novelty of the phenomenon was that it rained in many different colours and finally in silver and gold! This view was also fascinating. Eventually the rain stopped and nothing but the golden light was visible everywhere.

All of a sudden, my glance fell on the upper portion of Matrimandir and I beheld a blazing, glorious, ravishing, golden sun covering the entire firmament! Instead of heat, it effused golden light and delightful coolness. My gaze went back to the throne and I saw everyone (men, women, children, birds, animals) standing in adoration in a posture of Namaskar (folded hands in obeisance). The marvel of this moment brought me a novel experience. It was a peerless spectacle. Everything appeared to be golden. Instantaneously a cascade of golden light from the sky poured into Matrimandir. At that time I sensed that a number of persons were sitting nearby but I could not see them clearly. I had a feeling that the golden light fell on all and penetrated inside. The whole hall was suffused with golden light. Now one could not see anything except the golden light. Suddenly Sri Aurobindo’s and the Mother’s hand of blessing was seen caressing not only my head but everyone’s. Everything became peaceful. Once again a sweet melody was heard. My eyes opened. It is just impossible to formulate in words the impact of the moment on my body. As I write this, golden Lanka of the Ramayana comes to my mind. […]



On 28th morning, Sushilaben saw me in connection with her work. After it was over, while going, she smiled softly, full of past happy and fond memories, and informed me, “Today is Auroville foundation day. 17 years back, i.e. on 28th February 1969, the Mother gave a very beautiful message.” I asked her to bring it.

In the evening when she came for the translation work, she, brought it and showed it to me. At that time Sushilaben’s sister Lachmanben was also present. She saw this message for the first time and pointed out to me, “See, the words used by you while coming down from Matrimandir are similar to those written by the Mother in Her message. What a pleasant coincidence!” I too found it interesting. Why would I not feel so? The gracious Mother had taken me through a much more enchanting experience. Thereupon it occurred to me how lovely and apt it would be to crown my vision with the perfect offering of Her Message in Her own hand. How the Mother arranged everything without my speaking a single word!

Victory, Victory, Victory! Victory again to the Mother!

Facsimile of the Mother’s message is given here.


“Let light, peace and joy
be with all those who
live in Auroville
and work for its realisation.”

blessings       The Mother

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