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At the Feet of The Mother

Making Choices

In a general way, we can say that the choices we ought to make should not so much be based on their repercussions on others, not even on ourselves but on what we believe at that point to be true and our highest. Such is the teaching of the Gita where Arjuna is caught in a similar situation inwardly though the context may be different. Sri Krishna, the Divine Master bids him to consider neither what the results of this war shall be upon him personally nor upon other but to act from the state of a higher poise, the dharma, the calling at that moment.

Besides, it is one thing to have an impact upon our nervous emotional and sensational being, and quite another to have an impact upon our soul or our higher self. There are things that seem to have an apparently negative impact upon someone outwardly and yet it may be eventually the best thing that happened to his soul and his growth.

The ideal, therefore, is to do what you feel and think to be the true thing to do, the right thing from your highest present perspective, the beautiful movement that springs from some deeper inner self. But whatever you decide do it as an offering to God to whom alone the results belong.

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