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At the Feet of The Mother

Making Decisions

We should develop the habit of reflection and discernment and pass every thought and feeling and action through that crucible and then accept or reject or modify them as per the conclusion of our highest reason, without justifying anything simply because we feel like doing it. It is our own highest thought that must decide.

Of course, the conclusions we draw should not be held rigidly since we are ourselves evolving and the things we deem right and wrong today may not be so to a more enlightened consciousness. Rights and wrongs are relative values and change as we grow and evolve through experience and as horizons widen and new light enters our sight. No mental conclusions should be held as rigid dogmas. They are at best a provisional scheme for us to navigate through life, at worst a prison of gold.

One should never do something that one is convinced about being wrong, even if the whole world says so. Otherwise, our will gets weakened and our consciousness begins to get obscure. If our family or anyone else says things we do not agree with it is good to discuss with them and if they still do not understand then leave them with their understanding. But that does not mean doing what we believe is not the right thing to do. One has to obey only the voice of one’s own inner truth or else of the Divine Guru or Master if one is blessed and fortunate to have a genuine one.

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