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At the Feet of The Mother

Man a Reservoir of Possibilities, pp. 482-483

Opening Remarks
Man is a creation of the past and yet he holds within himself the seeds of future possibilities.

World’s possibilities
All the world’s possibilities in man
Are waiting as the tree waits in its seed:
His past lives in him; it drives his future’s pace;
His present’s acts fashion his coming fate.

All the possibilities of the world are there in man awaiting to emerge as a tree waits in a seed. Man’s past drives him towards the future. His present acts shape the form of his destiny.

Unborn gods
The unborn gods hide in his house of Life.

There are yet greater powers and divine possibilities that are waiting to be born in us.

Daemons of the unknown
The daemons of the unknown overshadow his mind
Casting their dreams into live moulds of thought,
The moulds in which his mind builds out its world.

Divine beings and supernatural forces cast their dreams into man’s thoughts with which his mind builds the world.

His mind creates
His mind creates around him its universe.

Man’s mind creates around him its own universe.

Figured in his soul
All that has been renews in him its birth;
All that can be is figured in his soul.

Our past keeps renewing itself and all his future is glimpsed in his soul.

Secret purpose of the gods
Issuing in deeds it scores on the roads of the world,
Obscure to the interpreting reason’s guess,
Lines of the secret purpose of the gods.

The scripts of destiny emerges as deeds on the roads of life. Though the reason cannot fathom it, the gods know its secret purpose.

Intricate plan
In strange directions runs the intricate plan;
Held back from human foresight is their end
And the far intention of some ordering Will
Or the order of life’s arbitrary Chance
Finds out its settled poise and fated hour.

The intricate plan of destiny runs along strange directions, its end cannot be foreseen by human beings. The far intention of some Will that orders and through life’s arbitrary play of Chance discloses its true meaning in the fated hour.

Involuntary turns and leaps
Our surface watched in vain by reason’s gaze,
Invaded by the impromptus of the unseen,
Helpless records the accidents of Time,
The involuntary turns and leaps of life.

Our surface events cannot be understood by reason. We are invaded by the spontaneous unplanned promptings of the unseen. The accidents of Time and the involuntary turns and leaps of life are recorded helplessly.

Only a little
Only a little of us foresees its steps,
Only a little has will and purposed pace.

Only a little of us can foresee its steps. Only a little seems purposeful and willed.

Vast subliminal
A vast subliminal is man’s measureless part.

A vast subliminal consciousness below the threshold exists in man.

Dim subconscient
The dim subconscient is his cavern base.

The dim subconscious caverns hide beneath him.

Closing Remarks
This is the brief but concise sketch of human life as it is drawn by Time.

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