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At the Feet of The Mother

“Man and the Other Beings” – Nolini Kanta Gupta

Man is a complex being, an entity made of many personalities, holding together a variety of aspects around some centre. He contains a whole lot of different elements. He is a world in itself, or rather — why a world? — he is a universe or at least he represents it.

It is not so with the other beings of other worlds, on other levels of creation. Each type there represents one aspect of infinity only and is in a way static; the beings there do not change or progress as man does on earth. They remain always what they are, they do what they do; it is rather fixed or at least the possibility of change is very limited.

Earth is a concentrated form, a complete replica of the entire universe or entire creation. Man, in his turn, represents all that is on earth, that is, in the universe, all aspects of it, all the levels of consciousness and, it may be added, all the urge for progress and change. He is Nature’s laboratory. If a point in man’s consciousness changes, the change will be carried over in the whole of the universe. Inevitably, because man is the point of concentration on the earth as the earth is a concentrated form of the universe.

That is why in Savitri we find that the human soul has to cross all the levels of being, the whole universe as it were.

This is the speciality of man, his unique feature, his unique function.

Published February 1982

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