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At the Feet of The Mother

March 01, 1914

A Recitation of selected Prayers and Meditations of The Mother (AUDIO)


IT is in oneself that there are all the obstacles, it is in oneself that there are all the difficulties, it is in oneself that there is all the darkness and ignorance.  Even if we were to travel across the whole earth, bury ourselves in some solitary place, break with all our habits, lead the most ascetic life, still if some bond of illusion held back the consciousness far from Thy absolute consciousness, if some egoistic attachment deprived us of the integral communion with Thy Divine Love, we should be no nearer to Thee whatever might be the outer circumstances. Are there even circumstances more or less favourable? I doubt it. It is the idea we form of them which enables us to profit better or worse by the lessons they give us.

O Lord, I implore Thee! Grant that I may be perfectly conscious and master of the aggregate which constitutes this personality, so that I may be delivered from myself and that Thou alone mayst live and act through these multiple elements.

To live in Love, by Love, for Love, indissolubly united to Thy highest manifestation….

Ever more of light, more of beauty, more of truth!

 [* Please note that here the text of 1948 edition (translated from original French by Rishabhchand) is being recited. It significantly differs from 1979 edition, published in Collected Works of the Mother, vol.1]



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