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At the Feet of The Mother

Mastering Our Fate

Uncertainty is the only certainty in this ever-changing world. This is fact that stares in our eyes and slowly impresses upon us as we grow through the various challenges of life. Yet we all have an instinctive need for certainty. It is this need that, on one extreme takes us to astrologers and fortune-tellers, while on the other extreme pushes us to discover and eliminate all the causes and conditions of death and diseases or to master the forces of nature to condition our lives. Yet uncertainty or the inevitable finds its little door to break into our life and surprise us with the unknown. We wonder why? It is a recognition of this inability to completely master our fate that has led to the coining of terms such as Fate or Chance which are two ways of saying that same thing that ‘I do not know why’.

Yet there is way that Fate can be mastered. There is a way that Destiny can be changed. One way is to understand the complex web of forces that weave our lives, from the most material which material science probes to the subtler and subtlest that influences our lives and which we yet do not understand. This is a long and difficult journey that is not easy for most people. Still there is something that can be done and it is to discover the higher forces that can intervene and change the fixed course of destiny. It is somewhat like changing the course of an illness by using our will and holding on to faith. One can also call the forces of Harmony and Peace that can help and heal. The range is broad and the efficacy of such interventions depends upon how well we are attuned to calling these forces and how receptive we are, especially our body is to their action.

The other way however is to simply give ourselves to the Master of all these forces that have emerged into the play of creation by His Will and move by His fiat and draw their energy from His Breath. We may not always understand the play and the great purpose these agents serve but we can always give ourselves and our life and our work and our energies to the Master in whatever form and name we can conceive of Him. By doing so we can cut through the entire range of forces and by the single fiat of the Master change all future Time.

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