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At the Feet of The Mother

Matter’s First View, pp. 484-485

Opening Remarks
There are higher and vaster possibilities of matter and our material existence.

Matter’s first view
But this is only Matter’s first self-view,
A scale and series in the Ignorance.

But this is only a first view of material life, a scale and series in the ladder of consciousness climbing from Matter’s base to the unseen heights.

This is not all we are
This is not all we are or all our world.

This is not all that we are or all our world.

Our greater self
Our greater self of knowledge waits for us,
A supreme light in the truth-conscious Vast:
It sees from summits beyond thinking mind,
It moves in a splendid air transcending life.

Our greater Knowledge — Self awaits our discovery. This greater Self is a supreme light in the truth-conscious Vast that sees the summits from that exist beyond the thinking mind. It moves in a splendour transcending our life.

It shall descend
It shall descend and make earth’s life divine.

It is this greater Self, the Supramental Self that shall one day descend and make our earthly life a life divine.

Truth made the world
Truth made the world, not a blind Nature-Force.

Truth made this world and not a blind mechanical force of Nature.

Large diviner heights
For here are not our large diviner heights;
Our summits in the superconscient’s blaze
Are glorious with the very face of God:
There is our aspect of eternity,
There is the figure of the god we are,
His young unaging look on deathless things,
His joy in our escape from death and Time,
His immortality and light and bliss.

Our diviner heights are concealed behind and beyond our earthly existence. Our summits blaze in the superconscient splendour glorious with the face and form Divine.

Our larger being
Our larger being sits behind cryptic walls:
There are greatnesses hidden in our unseen parts
That wait their hour to step into life’s front:
We feel an aid from deep indwelling Gods;
One speaks within, Light comes to us from above.

We are not just this ego-self but a greater Self of Truth that is hidden behind occult walls. There are greater powers hidden in our unseen parts that await their hour. We feel help coming from within us aiding our journey of life as from Gods who dwell within our body. The One Divine Presence speaks to us and His Light comes from beyond the mind.

Our soul
Our soul from its mysterious chamber acts;
Its influence pressing on our heart and mind
Pushes them to exceed their mortal selves.

Our soul acts from some mysterious chamber within and presses upon our heart and mind pushing them to exceed their limits in the embodied mind of man.

It seeks
It seeks for Good and Beauty and for God;
We see beyond self’s walls our limitless self,
We gaze through our world’s glass at half-seen vasts,
We hunt for the Truth behind apparent things.

The soul within us aspires for Good and Beauty and God. We begin to see beyond our limited ego-self into limitless Self out of which and whose portion we are. The world becomes a glass through which we can behold unseen vasts. We hunt and seek for the truth behind apparent things.

Wisdom’s face
Our inner Mind dwells in a larger light,
Its brightness looks at us through hidden doors;
Our members luminous grow and Wisdom’s face
Appears in the doorway of the mystic ward:
When she enters into our house of outward sense,
Then we look up and see, above, her sun.

There is an inner subliminal Mind behind our outer surface mentality. This inner Mind dwells in a larger light that can look at hidden doors. Its brightness illumines our being and we see the face of Wisdom hidden behind the curtain of ignorance appearing in the doorways of the mystic spaces as she enters into the fields of our outer sense. Then we begin to look up and see Source above from which she has emerged.

Mighty life-self
A mighty life-self with its inner powers
Supports the dwarfish modicum we call life;
It can graft upon our crawl two puissant wings.

Our life too finds its truth and support in a mighty life-self with greater powers that can suddenly help us fly towards the heights than crawl upon the earth.

Body’s subtle-self
Our body’s subtle self is throned within
In its viewless palace of veridical dreams
That are bright shadows of the thoughts of God.

There is also a subtle body-self within us in its viewless palace where it holds within the dreams of a greater becoming a thought of God that is yet to manifest.

Closing remarks
Our surface outer personality holds a greater mystery within that shall disclose itself one day.

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It is not the personality, the character that is of the first importance in rebirth — it is the psychic being who stands behind the evolution of the nature and evolves with it.