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At the Feet of The Mother

Meditation on Sri Aurobindo’s Arrival to Pondicherry

Lo! You have come
Your lotus feet, delicate and strong
Tread the hard and barren soil of Earth.
It has waited long for your coming
Lingering for a sign, a symbol of hope
You have come, bringing hope for the hopeless
Strength for the weak, love for the distraught
Armed with boundless Compassion
And the stamp of mighty memories
Carrying in your lonely heart
The light that the bygone ages bore
To meet the light of the future unborn
Lo! You have come
And all the earth rejoices 
With the touch of Your Lotus feet
That turns our dust to gold
Releasing the godhead chained in the stone
Opening with Your Feet the Age of Gold
The conch shells sound the triumph of Truth
And the flute of Krishna calls to new adventures
And delight yet unexplored.
Lo! You have come
Spelling the end of darkness and doom
Signing the edicts of the ‘New’ that unfolds
With Your stamp and seal upon our lives
The old grey formats of ignorance are torn
By the beauty of Your eyes
And Your fathomless heart of Love.
Lo! You have come, and with You
The Divine Mother has arrived
To quench the parched lips of Earth
And the thirst for Love and Joy and Light
And all the riches of highest heavens
Stream down upon our world
And every cell and atom and pore
Is drenched in mute ecstasy of Your Love.

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