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At the Feet of The Mother

The Mental and Psychic Dreams

In mental dreams can things, men and movements figure as in vital dreams?

They can, but the happenings there have a different less fanciful character with a clear meaning.

Last night I saw two dreams:

1) A warrior sends to his son a flower (signifying “Psychic Centre”) and informs him thus: “There is a sword with just the shape of this flower on a certain mountain, go and get it.” The sword was exactly like that.

2) A very beautiful maiden was perceived on a vast sea, raising her head out of the water. Only her head could be seen. She did not appear to be a vital kind of woman. My being looked at her with a great reverence.

The first dream seems to be mental and the meaning, as in all mental dreams, is plain enough in the dream itself. The other is probably from the higher vital representing come part of it with its presiding Shakti.

I went to X, during my afternoon nap, for some flowers to send to the Mother. He was seated with his usual group of people, telling them, “Z has been permitted to stay here (in the Ashram) for 30 years.” Anyone could see that he was much excited with a vital joy. In the dream itself I could feel that he had pressed the Mother for keeping Z here. Then we all entered his room, where he began to pour some tea in his cup. As for my business, he said, “See, there are no flowers, my basin is empty.”

It is of the mental vital expressing X’s vital mind in these matters — so busy with vital things like his desire about Z that he has neglected to foster the psychic.

During sleep does the inner being stop the sadhana because of the commonplace dreams?

No. It can go on behind the surface.

In a dream I saw that it was night and I was sleeping on the mosquito-curtained cot. I found beside my cot some women of exquisite beauty playing.

I could not make out if they were angels or goddesses. Their bodies were filled with superhuman light. It seemed they had some rapport with the Divine Mother. They respected me and talked with me, I forget what, but probably it was about my sadhana and the Mother. A bright light was burning amidst them. Although they were not young they appeared as innocent as children.

Probably the dream represented something from the psychic realm.

Here is a dream I had during my noon sleep. I came across a lake. In its centre there was an island with a small but very beautiful garden. There stood a fountain in the middle from which water was springing out. I watched it from the brink of the lake.

It is probably a rendering in physical terms of some experience on the psychic-vital plane.

This time the dream was about the Mother’s music. All the while I was seated apart from the throng of people and yet in such a place that I could see everything.

After some time the Mother opened her magic eyes. She turned her head towards me and threw only one glance on me for a few seconds — I could not bear it longer, so I bent my head down. I felt a glow all over my body — up to the material layer! It was something more than the touch of a fiat. This time my physical consciousness experienced being taken more inside than above. It was no more bound by the ignorant nature.

It is obviously an experience. It is not symbolic, so you can’t ask what it signifies — it was a thing that happened, just as on the physical plane Mother might put something on you.

In today’s dream I went to the Ashram Dining Room (Aroume). Casually I paid a visit to Y. As I was approaching him I felt as if stepping towards a psychic being!

His psychic is very prominent.

A dream: I went to the seashore where I heard a great noise. Then I noticed a big steamer. The noise was due to the taking off of three aeroplanes from the steamer, which was on fire. Perhaps they separated from it in order to save it. Strange to say, afterwards the steamer seemed to be all right and already sailing away!

Has the dream anything to do with the psychic fire?

It cannot have been the psychic fire because then there would have been no need to save the steamer.

You wrote the other day: “The subconscient is there, so long as it is not enlightened these dreams are bound to come.” I had asked you the question from the viewpoint of Harin’s lines:

Even in sleep-depths I am wide awake.

Thy sweet presence is always there.

That does happen, but usually only when the psychic is in full activity.

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It is not the personality, the character that is of the first importance in rebirth — it is the psychic being who stands behind the evolution of the nature and evolves with it.