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At the Feet of The Mother

Message of the Flowers: ‘Eternal Youth’ and ‘Eternal Smile’



Bonjour, Sweet Mother.

Here, take this, I have kept something for you carefully; as soon as I received these flowers this morning, at once I thought of you: “It will be something for Mona when he comes to see me.” I kept them separately. Do you know what they signify?

Yes, Mother.

This is ‘Eternal Youth’,[1] and this one is ‘Eternal Smile’.[2] These are two flowers that complement one another, two flowers that are very essential for a complete life.

If one remains eternally young and if one can smile eternally, then one has taken a great step towards transformation. When one is above the fetters of the ego and the desires, one begins to smile and when one can constantly aspire to progress, then one remains young. Here are two sure means to reach the goal. Do not waste time. Become an optimist and follow the direct path. There is nothing to ponder about.



[1] ‘Eternal Youth’ — Hibiscus miniatus, salmon orange

[2] ‘Eternal Smile’ — Hibiscus miniatus, white

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