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At the Feet of The Mother

Might of the Secret Spirit, pp. 175-176

Opening Remarks
Thus driven and moved by the breath of the Spirit man makes an effort to realise his dreams and, in the process catches some glimpse here and feels a touch there.

Some glimpse and glory
In an outbreak of the might of secret Spirit,
In Life and Matter’s answer of delight,
Some face of deathless beauty could be caught
That gave immortality to a moment’s joy,
Some word that could incarnate highest Truth
Leaped out from a chance tension of the soul,
Some hue of the Absolute could fall on life,
Some glory of knowledge and intuitive sight,
Some passion of the rapturous heart of Love.

The secret Spirit dwells within matter and Its breath is felt behind our lives. It moves us to seek delight and gives us a glimpse of deathless beauty and the sense of immortal joy that would last forever. It inspires us with the word that embodies high truth and lends an intuitive vision to our mind, our hearts with the sublime passion and rapture of Love.

Bodiless secrecy
A hierophant of the bodiless Secrecy
Interned in an unseen spiritual sheath,
The Will that pushes sense beyond its scope
To feel the light and joy intangible,
Half found its way into the Ineffable’s peace,
Half captured a sealed sweetness of desire
That yearned from a bosom of mysterious Bliss,
Half manifested veiled Reality.

The bodiless secrecy, the Spirit, seeks forms to manifest Itself. In man It expresses in the form of an exceeding of his will beyond natural limits to feel intangible joys and the light that is not found in our limited minds and thought. We discover the peace that flows from the Ineffable, the sweetness of divine touch inspiring us towards mysterious depths of bliss. We are pushed to express the Reality that our sense-shackled minds miss.

The divinity of a symbol universe
A soul not wrapped into its cloak of mind
Could glimpse the true sense of a world of forms;
Illumined by a vision in the thought,
Upbuoyed by the heart’s understanding flame,
It could hold in the conscious ether of the spirit
The divinity of a symbol universe.

When the soul is freed from the clutch of mind, when the heart is set free from the confusions and the turbulences that assail it, then the whole universe discloses the secret Beloved. Then we see Him in every form that are but symbols of the One. The true sense of creation is revealed which is to express the Spirit hidden within it as its secret essence and source.

Closing Remarks
Thus Sri Aurobindo once again brings us back to the central truth that this world is a progressive manifestation of the Spirit. It is the Divine who is expressing Himself through the symbol forms of the universe.

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