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At the Feet of The Mother

Moment of the Gods, p. 353

Opening Remarks
What is described now is the birth of Savitri which is indeed a very special moment, a divine moment so to say since it is the birth of the Divine upon earth.

Answering earth’s yearning
In this high signal moment of the gods
Answering earth’s yearning and her cry for bliss,
A greatness from our other countries came.

The Divine Advent is in response to earth’s yearning for light and bliss. The gods watch over the event as the Divine enters the mortal sphere and sets His feet upon earth leaving behind His Home of Beauty and Bliss.

A sacred image made
A silence in the noise of earthly things
Immutably revealed the secret Word,
A mightier influx filled the oblivious clay:
A lamp was lit, a sacred image made.

She came carrying the silence and the immutable Word revealing and releasing the secret truths. The body of clay bore a might as it had never before known. Her soul like a radiant lamp lit the light within the body turning it into a sacred image.

A mediating ray
A mediating ray had touched the earth
Bridging the gulf between man’s mind and God’s;
Its brightness linked our transience to the Unknown.

A ray from the Sun of Truth and Harmony and Delight touched the earth to mediate between man’s mind and God’s. Its brightness linked our transience to the Unknown.

Descended into earth’s imperfect mould
A spirit of its celestial source aware
Translating heaven into a human shape
Descended into earth’s imperfect mould
And wept not fallen to mortality,
But looked on all with large and tranquil eyes.

It is a conscious birth and even the body is formed in a special way so as to manifest Divine in an imperfect body of earthly make. A spirit aware of its high divine Source assumed a human shape. Yet it wept not following its fall to a mortal state but looked upon all things with a tranquil eye of wisdom.

Return from the Transcendent planes
One had returned from the transcendent planes
And bore anew the load of mortal breath,
Who had striven of old with our darkness and our pain;
She took again her divine unfinished task:
Survivor of death and the aeonic years,
Once more with her fathomless heart she fronted Time.

This was not the first time that She had come to do the Divine Work. The Avatar is also the Vibhuti who takes human births and enters the cycles of creation to carry on the evolution. She too had returned back to take this work further for which She had laboured through the ages. Once again She bore the burden of mortality even as She had striven of old against our darkness and pain. Her will to divinise clay survived the portals of death. Once more her heart faced the enigma of Time.

The consanguinity of earth and heaven
Again there was renewed, again revealed
The ancient closeness by earth-vision veiled,
The secret contact broken off in Time,
A consanguinity of earth and heaven,
Between the human portion toiling here
And an as yet unborn and limitless Force.

The effort of the ages was renewed again. The ancient closeness of earth and heaven now lost to the outward eye was revealed breaking the seal of ignorance. Once again the attempt began to marry earth and heaven through the intermediary man who is meant to bridge between earth’s toil and the limitless unborn Force of God.

The mystic deep attempt
Again the mystic deep attempt began,
The daring wager of the cosmic game.

The mystic deep attempt of divinising earth through man began once again. This is the secret cosmic game for which the earth has been set as a stage.

Closing Remarks
What we see above is a revealing description of the process of Divine Birth and the work for which He comes.

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