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At the Feet of The Mother

Moment of the Gods, pp. 571-572

Opening Remarks
There are moments when our human self is seized by a Consciousness and Force greater than ours and we rise up to the occasion as a god in his greatness who knows himself immortal.

Calm Power above our brows
Then a calm Power seated above our brows
Is seen, unshaken by our thoughts and deeds,
Its stillness bears the voices of the world:
Immobile, it moves Nature, looks on life.

There are moments when a calm Power from above our head is seen. Unshaken by thoughts and deeds Its stillness bears the cry of the world. It looks upon life and moves Nature by the power of Its immobility.

Its gaze controls
It shapes immutably its far-seen ends;
Untouched and tranquil amid error and tears
And measureless above our striving wills,
Its gaze controls the turbulent whirl of things.

This Presence above our brows sees and shapes immutably its far off ends. Untouched and tranquil amid tears and error, measureless above our striving wills, Its gaze controls the turbulent whirl of things.

Mate with the Glory
To mate with the Glory it sees, the spirit grows:
The voice of life is tuned to infinite sounds,
The moments on great wings of lightning come
And godlike thoughts surprise the mind of earth.

At its bidding and command the human spirit grows to mate with the Glory it sees above. Life and its cry is then tuned to the rhythms and vibrations of infinity. These are God-moments that come on great wings of lightning and godlike thoughts surprise the earthly mind.

Miraculous birth
Into the soul’s splendour and intensity
A crescent of miraculous birth is tossed,
Whose horn of mystery floats in a bright void.

At this moment a crescent moon of spiritual vision and power is born in the skies of the mind and its horn of mystery floating in a luminous void.

Harmonist unseen
As into a heaven of strength and silence thought
Is ravished, all this living mortal clay
Is seized and in a swift and fiery flood
Of touches shaped by a Harmonist unseen.

As a thought is seized with delight in a heaven of silence and strength, so is the human body and mind seized swiftly by a flood of light and power and all in us is shaped by an unseen Harmonist.

Music of the Gods
A new sight comes, new voices in us form
A body of the music of the Gods.

A new vision arrives and new voices arise and take form in us as a music of the Gods.

Immortal yearnings
Immortal yearnings without name leap down,
Large quiverings of godhead seeking run
And weave upon a puissant field of calm
A high and lonely ecstasy of will.

Immortal yearnings yet without a name leap down from the heights. Large quiverings of godhead give birth to a new aspiration, a high ecstasy of lonely will in calm fields of nature.

Born in her
This in a moment’s depths was born in her.

This vision and force, this vision and will, awakened in her in the depths of this moment.

Closing Remarks
Thus armed with a new and Godlike vision and will Savitri rises to the occasion and the greatness of the moment.

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