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At the Feet of The Mother

More on Depression

The state of depression comes often because we are giving too much importance to what others say almost seeking their approval. This approach tends to warp our own natural development guided by our intrinsic temperament. We are not here to become someone else but be what the Divine wants us to be. And the first hints towards that can be found in our own unique personality. In other words, we need to spend some time reflecting upon trying to discover yourself.

The second reason which in a way is connected with the first is a lack of clarity about one’s goal of life. A goal is something you would like to pursue till your last breath. Study, degrees, job and occupation, wealth and possessions, house and people are not the goal. They are all outside us. They may be a help or a hindrance to the goal. The goal itself is however something intrinsic, within. The greater and larger and vaster and unselfish the goal the happier one is.

The third reason which is again interconnected with the first two is a lack of progress or the will for progress.  It is progress that gives joy and washes away many things including the negativity.

Most importantly we need to spend some time reading uplifting spiritual literature to fill our being with beautiful positive thoughts followed by some quiet reflection on what we would want to be rather than what we are or were, least of all what people think we are or want us to be.

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