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At the Feet of The Mother

Mother, We read again Your ‘Notes on the Way’ (5)

In April, 1972, Mother, You talk of things getting ‘terrible, terrible’ and of ‘a frightful Pressure’ and of ‘perpetual danger’ and it all shakes us up. You say:

“It is becoming terrible, terrible. It is like a Pressure, a frightful Pressure — to bring about the desired progress. I feel it in myself for the body. But my body is not afraid, it says (Mother opens her hands): Very well, if I am to end, it is the end. Every minute it is like that: the true thing (Mother brings down her fist) or the end.”[1]

And further:

“The body knows that this is the way for the supramental body to be formed: It must be wholly under the influence of the Divine — no compromise, no approximation, no ‘it will come’, not so: it is like this (Mother brings down her fist), a formidable Will.”[2]

“But it is that, it is a kind of… no half-measure, no compromise, no approximation, no… not that. It is this (Mother brings down her fist).

“And it is so for the body, at every minute there is an imperative: it is life or it is death. It is not the approximation which has lasted indefinitely. For centuries it was neither altogether bad, nor altogether good — it is no longer so.

“But…it is the only way for things to go fast.”[3]

And then comes the mention of perpetual danger:

“It is as though all the while you had the feeling that you were hovering between life and death, and the moment you take the right attitude — when the part concerned takes the right attitude — it goes all right.”[4]

“It is as though by a kind of compulsion the body was being taught eternity.”[5]

The note of danger is further emphasised in many issues that follow. You say:

“…there are a thousand experiences of the physical body which say: ‘Ooh! this beatific state is an impossibility’ — it is this stupidity which delays everything. It is as though it were the cells — the cells of the body that are accustomed to fight and suffer and unable to accept that things could be like that (same gesture of self-giving, hands opened out). But when it is like that…it is wonderful.”[6]

Again: “My body is beginning — just beginning to know that the Divine side means a life… (Mother stretches out her arms into an immensity) a life progressive and luminous: but the accumulation of past experiences say: Oh! it is not possible!’ There you are, and so it is this idiotic ‘not possible’ which delays and spoils things.

“This is based upon the fact that as soon as the body gives up the true attitude, it becomes painful, everything hurts, everything is suffering — the impression is there as of death and dissolution everywhere.”[7]

Further again:

“Things have taken an extreme form, so there is as it were an uplift of the atmosphere towards a splendour…almost inconceivable and at the same time the feeling that any moment one may…one may die — not ‘die’ but the body may be dissolved.”[8]

At the time these statements appeared in the ‘Notes’, we were naturally inclined to ignore the dangers and cherished the happier experiences. But now we realise that the dangers were equally serious. However, we feel that Your passing is an incident connected with the progress of the work and, as worthy disciples, see Your going in its spiritual bearings and learn to cultivate and strengthen spiritual connections and enjoy the true abiding relations.

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There is nothing sentimental in the true weeping that comes from the soul. All that you feel now is the blossoming of the psychic being in you and the growth of a real bhakti.