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At the Feet of The Mother

Mother, We read again Your ‘Notes on the Way’ (6)

You have given us, Mother, a most heartening and illuminating insight regarding Sri Aurobindo’s passing too in Your ‘Notes’.

You have said:

“He (Sri Aurobindo) himself — possesses more action, more power for action now than when in his body. Besides, it is for that that he left, because it was necessary to act in that way.”[1]

And You have also left us a command, a direction regarding our work in the future. You have said:

“For centuries and centuries humanity has waited for this time. It is come. But it is difficult.

“I don’t simply tell you we are here upon earth to rest and enjoy ourselves, now is not the time for that. We are here…to prepare the way for the new creation.

“The body has some difficulty, so I can’t be active, alas. It is not because I am old, I am not old. I am not old, I am younger than most of you. If I am here inactive, it is because the body has given itself definitely to prepare the transformation. But the consciousness is clear and we are here to work — rest and enjoyment will come afterwards. Let us do our work here.

“So I have called you to tell you that. Take what you can, do what you can, my help will be with you. All sincere effort will be helped to the maximum”[2]

“You are here at this moment, that is to say, upon earth because you chose it at one time — you do not remember it any more but I know it — that is why you are here. Well, you must rise to the height of the task, you must strive, you must conquer all weaknesses and limitations: above all you must tell your ego: your hour is gone. We want a race that has no ego, that has in the place of the ego the Divine Consciousness.”[3]

This is, Mother, an inspiring message for us, clear and full as to what is to be done and what You expect of us. Mother, we are grateful for this direction. We are determined to follow it and do Your will.

Mother, if Sri Aurobindo’s power of action is now greater and his passing was an incident leading to such larger action, is Your own passing not of a similar character and would Your action too be not more powerful now? It seems to be already evident that it is so.

Mother, grant that we be thoroughly faithful to You and to Sri Aurobindo and enjoy more and more the pleasure of both of You.

[end of the book]

[1] Ibid., p. 91.

[2] Ibid., August 1972, p. 82

[3] Ibid., p. 85.

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