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At the Feet of The Mother

Narad Concludes His Query, pp. 419-420

Opening Remark
Narad concludes his query now but not without dropping a hint of what he has foreseen.

Brimming with a sweet and nectarous wine
The empty roses of thy hands are filled
Only with their own beauty and the thrill
Of a remembered clasp, and in thee glows
A heavenly jar, thy firm deep-honied heart,
New-brimming with a sweet and nectarous wine.

Narad observes that Savitri’s rosy hands are filled with her beauty and the thrill of clasping someone with deep love. He feels that her honied heart seems like a glowing heavenly jar brimming with a sweet and nectarous wine.

Not spoken with pain
Thou hast not spoken with the kings of pain.

Cryptically he remarks that she has not spoken to the lords of pain.

Life’s perilous music
Life’s perilous music rings yet to thy ear
Far-melodied, rapid and grand, a Centaur’s song,
Or soft as water plashing mid the hills,
Or mighty as a great chant of many winds.

Life’s dangerous music seems to be calling her yet from afar with its rapid and grand notes, the song of a Centaur or else as soft waters plashing mid the hills or mighty as a chant of many winds.

Inner bliss
Moon-bright thou livest in thy inner bliss.

Danger and pain are as if yet afar. She dwells in her own bliss within.

Unwounded beauty of thy soul
Thou comest like a silver deer through groves
Of coral flowers and buds of glowing dreams,
Or fleest like a wind-goddess through leaves,
Or roamst, O ruby-eyed and snow-winged dove,
Flitting through thickets of thy pure desires
In the unwounded beauty of thy soul.

Narad observes that Savitri has come like a silver deer through the groves of coral flowers and dreaming buds. Perhaps she is fleeing as a wind-goddess through leaves or roamst as a ruby eyed snow-winged dove fluttering its wings through thickets of pure desires in the unwounded beauty of her soul.

These things are only images to thy earth,
But truest truth of that which in thee sleeps.

These things are but only images. The truest truth sleeps within.

Such is thy spirit
For such is thy spirit, a sister of the gods,
Thy earthly body lovely to the eyes
And thou art kin in joy to heaven’s sons.

He reveals to her that her spirit is a kin of the gods, her earthly body is lovely to the eyes and she is kin in joy to the children of heaven.

Walled in by the safety of her dreams
O thou who hast come to this great perilous world
Now only seen through the splendour of thy dreams,
Where hardly love and beauty can live safe,
Thyself a being dangerously great,
A soul alone in a golden house of thought
Has lived walled in by the safety of thy dreams.

Narad further reveals that she who has come to this great perilous world now sees things only through the splendour of her dreams. Yet love and beauty can hardly live safe in this world. She herself is a being dangerously great, a soul alone in a golden house of thought who has so far lived in the safe walls of her thoughts.

Heights of happiness
On heights of happiness leaving doom asleep
Who hunts unseen the unconscious lives of men,
If thy heart could live locked in the ideal’s gold,
As high, as happy might thy waking be!

So far she has lived on heights of happiness leaving doom to sleep who yet hunts unseen the lives of men. He hints that if only she could live thus locked in the world of highest and best Ideals perhaps as high and mighty her life could be.

If for all time doom could be left to sleep!”

He closes on a cautious note hoping that if only doom could be left to sleep for all times then life would be happy and beautiful and great.

Closing Remarks
Narad has revealed things cryptically through hints and images. Rest he has held back within him.


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