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At the Feet of The Mother

New Consciousness and Healing (HH 102)

Words of the Mother

For a few days, and it’s becoming increasingly established, there has been an impression that health or illness is a choice (to express it simply). A choice of every minute. For this body, at any rate, that’s how it is.

It means abdicating with regard to the general functioning of the physical substance, of the body, and having illnesses you get cured of or not, depending on … other laws than physical laws. But there is every minute – every minute – the possibility to choose the true consciousness, or there is, yes, a disorder or disequilibrium. It’s something which is unable to follow the movement of progressive harmony, or sometimes even which doesn’t want to. I am talking about cells and groups of cells.

Most of the time, it’s a sort of laziness, something unwilling to make an effort, to make a resolve: it prefers to leave the responsibility to others. In English I would call it the remnant, the residue of the Inconscient. It’s a sort of spinelessness (gesture of groveling) which accepts a general, impersonal law: you paddle about in illness. And in response to that, there is inside, every minute, the sense of the true attitude, which in the cells is expressed with great simplicity: “There is the Lord, who is the all-powerful Master.” Something like that. “It depends entirely on Him. If a surrender is to be made, it’s to Him.” I make sentences, but for the cells it’s not sentences. It’s a tiny little movement that expresses itself by repeating the mantra; then the mantra is full – full of force – and there is instantly the surrender: “May Your Will be done,” and a tranquillity – a luminous tranquillity. And one sees that there was absolutely no imperative need to be ill or for the disequilibrium to occur.

The phenomenon recurs HUNDREDS of times a day, for very small things.

And then, it gives increasingly a sense of the unreality – the fundamental unreality – of illnesses. That’s what I say here [in the Talk]: it’s merely a disequilibrium. It’s the habit of leaving it to a sort of impersonal collective will of the most material Nature, which organizes things IN THEIR APPEARANCE.

That’s the sort of work being done at present, these last few days – constantly, constantly. The only moment when it’s not done is when I see people, because when I see people, there’s only one thing left: the Lord’s Presence, and plunging them in that bath of the Lord. That goes on, it’s always there. So that even if, before [seeing people], there was a difficulty or struggle or conflict between the two states, and a will to hold on, at such times it goes away, because that’s not the work then: the work is to plunge all those coming near into the Presence – the immutable Presence, constant, active … close.


That would tend to show that the possibility of what’s called illness is something CONSTANT, a constant state in which you are or aren’t; and this “you are or aren’t” depends on … many things, especially on your remembering – remembering the sole divine Presence and Reality – and on your way of acting. Life is a series of continuous activities, which last for a longer or shorter time, absorb you more or less, give you a greater or lesser sense of importance or lack of importance – but it’s a sort of series of continuous activities; and what’s called rest, that is, when the material body is relatively motionless, is an activity on another level and of another kind. And the state of union – of REALIZED union, that is, not something that comes in a flash and goes away, but an established state in which you have a sense of continuity, except when the central Consciousness and Will impel you to leave it … (Mother goes into a contemplation, leaving her sentence unfinished).

(long silence)

June 15, 1968

* * *

But this thing – healing hands – don’t you have it too? … Because A. told me that when he has some pain, he just has to put his hand and concentrate – and it goes away. As for me, I’ve been doing it for … (I was going to say for centuries!), even when I was small I used to do it. I always found it something quite natural.

 But concentrate in which way? You apply your hand, and then? You call …

You apply your hand and concentrate on … what you conceive to be a higher force – or a Force of Harmony, or a Force of Order. Like that. You apply your hand, and you feel it flow through, like that, and enter.

I think every human being has it in potentiality. At any rate, I always found it a perfectly natural thing. And when you develop it, it develops as anything else. Of course, when it takes on miraculous proportions, it’s different.

But it’s very instinctive. I don’t know, even when I was quite small, if I had a pain somewhere, or a toothache, I would do it – and when you’re very small, you don’t have any thought in mind – I would do it just like that (Mother presses her cheek), and it would relieve.

September 20, 1969

* * *

Is it possible to develop in oneself a capacity for healing?

By consciously uniting with the Divine Force, all is possible in principle. But a procedure has to be found, depending on the case and the individual.

The first condition is to have a physical nature that gives energy rather than draws energy from others.

The second indispensable condition is to know how to draw energy from above, from the one impersonal and inexhaustible source.

January 15, 1972

15 01 05

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