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At the Feet of The Mother

The New Music: “Celestial Winds” by Lucette Bourdin

The seventh track from the “magnum opus” of Lucette Bourdin –  the “Horse Heaven” album, her last and perhaps most significant  composition. For the highest (MP3 320 kbps) quality please refer to the Archive section.

From a review by Greg Moorcroft:
“Celestial Winds, the album’s most active and layered piece, sweeps us away at once into a vast spiral eye, with wonders swirling around us. We hear harp, sitar, harpsichord, birds and burbling water, as we pass by many worlds – reminded of home, and on our way to returning there.”


For more, go to the Lucette Bourdin page.

Music from 2010 album of Lucette Bourdin “Horse Heaven”, published on Earth Mantra Netlabel

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