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At the Feet of The Mother

A New Possibility for the Earth pp. 76-77

Opening remarks
The Seer-Yogi Aswapati, representative of the human race, opens the doors to a new possibility for earth and men. This possibility starts with a new aspiration. Until now man’s spiritual aspiration, at least since last couple of thousand years has been to escape from earthly life. The human body is regarded as an obstacle and earthly life a field of sorrow and suffering. But not so feels Aswapati. Why can’t the higher consciousness he has glimpsed become a natural acquisition for earth and humanity. Why cannot the human body, this house of clay, be illumined with the Divine Light that dwells within us? Such is the aspiration that Aswapati implants upon earth. He aspires to bring down the greater world, the Glory he has glimpsed, here upon earth.

A new aspiration and an immense hope
A Will, a hope immense now seized his heart,
And to discern the superhuman’s form
He raised his eyes to unseen spiritual heights,
Aspiring to bring down a greater world.

Aswapati has gone beyond the limits of Spiritual Mind. He has glimpsed the Glory and Splendour that awaits us on the peaks of the Spirit. The riddle of creation is solved, the labour justified in the darkness of Ignorance. But now he is not satisfied with merely a Glimpse. He aspires to embody this Glory here, in this house of flesh. He lifts his eyes further to see the form of the future that can embody this greater Truth and live a greater and diviner Life.

The Supramental state must be embodied upon earth
The glory he had glimpsed must be his home.

To embody the Supramental Truth is now the new aspiration. To experience the Divine in some far off field of trance, in a withdrawn state, is alright but now Aswapati aspires to establish and express the Divine Consciousness naturally and spontaneously even in the waking state and the most outer consciousness.

The logic of the Infinite
A brighter heavenlier sun must soon illume
This dusk room with its dark internal stair,
The infant soul in its small nursery school
Mid objects meant for a lesson hardly learned
Outgrow its early grammar of intellect
And its imitation of Earth-Nature’s art,
Its earthly dialect to God-language change,
In living symbols study Reality
And learn the logic of the Infinite.

The soul of man must soar beyond the intellectual mind, go beyond the limits of finite Mind and limiting Nature and discover the ways of the Infinite. But this needs an enormous change, a radical transformation in his mind and body that can come only by the influx of a greater, a vaster consciousness, the Truth-Consciousness of the Supermind.

A conscious soul in a conscious world
The Ideal must be Nature’s common truth,
The body illumined with the indwelling God,
The heart and mind feel one with all that is
A conscious soul live in a conscious world.

When Earth-nature becomes a conscious Force of God and our heart and body and mind become conscious of and one with the Divine Consciousness, then we shall live as conscious beings dealing with the world consciously in accordance with the law of Truth for each thing. Such is the new aspiration and the new possibility for earth and man.

The greatness of the eternal Spirit
As through a mist a sovereign peak is seen,
The greatness of the eternal Spirit appeared,
Exiled in a fragmented universe
Amid half-semblances of diviner things.

As Aswapati lifts his eyes and turns his sight towards the yet to manifest future, he glimpses the glories and powers of the Eternal as if in contrast to the fragmented and distorted life we experience here. Though the Eternal is here too and dwells in each and every object and form, the form itself is neither conscious of Him nor able to manifest His Glory. This is so because of the divisive and fragmented consciousness in which we live and with which we experience creation and life itself.

The Immortal’s pride
These now could serve no more his regal turn;
The Immortal’s pride refused the doom to live
A miser of the scanty bargain made
Between our littleness and bounded hopes
And the compassionate Infinitudes.

Ordinarily man in his littleness is content to receive God’s Compassion that makes his life little more bearable within the limits of his humanity. But now Aswapati has glimpsed the Glory and his soul grown into the stature of a god. As the Master of forces who has acquired the wealth of the Spirit by his tapasya, he is moving towards true kingliness. Therefore does he aspire now for a greater perfection here upon earth.

A wideness discontented with its frame
His height repelled the lowness of earth’s state:
A wideness discontented with its frame
Resiled from poor assent to Nature’s terms,
The harsh contract spurned and the diminished lease.

The difference between Seer-yogi Aswapati’s inner consciousness and the outer frame of mind and body and life has grown enormous. It must be bridged and Nature’s instruments perfectly adapted to the growing stature and measure of his soul.

Closing remarks
Generally a growing disharmony between the inner being and the outer frame is the rule. It is this that leads to a progressive deterioration of the form and eventually death. But if the outer form could follow the movement of inner progress through a process of constant adaptation and transformation then it may be possible to embody and express the greater Divine Consciousness in earthly life. Such is the new possibility that Aswapati brings to earth, such is the new aspiration he plants in the human soul.

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To be spontaneous means not to think, organise, decide and make an effort to realise with the personal will.
There is nothing sentimental in the true weeping that comes from the soul. All that you feel now is the blossoming of the psychic being in you and the growth of a real bhakti.