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At the Feet of The Mother

Nirod-da in Auroville (2003): Gradually you are becoming one with us

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Nirodbaran lays Arka’s foundation stone in Auroville. March 03, 2003.

Produced by Manohar. In his own words:

I participated in the inauguration ceremony, quite touching, with small children chanting OM, classical music, an atmosphere of fraternity between Aurovilians and ashramites. While filming the laying of the foundation bricks with the symbols of Sri Aurobindo and Mother, I found myself right in front of Nirodbaran, the closest assistant of Sri Aurobindo, whom I didn’t know at the time.

Standing in front of me, he spoke to the camera like to a wider audience, few very intense words, expressing a vision of unity and growth. It was the 3rd of March 2003, another of the little signs of invitation that Auroville was launching to me for convincing me to join this adventure for life.

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