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At the Feet of The Mother

Nirvana and the Yoga of Transformation – Q&A (TH 049)

God is not limited by anything even though He dwells in everything. But our mind being limited turns everything, including the Divine Words into fixed dogmas. But then how to move on the Path of transformation that does not exclude anything in the end? Those who make rules to follow, they slowly start eliminating things. The natural result of elimination is nirvana, which is not the way of this yoga. Ego plays in all the ways, it assumes countless masks. The only thing we can do is to act without expecting the result and offer it at the Divine Feet. We should never try to deceive the Divine through the pretensions of the ego. Instead we should always try to open towards the Divine knowing that we are in ignorance. Then slowly we get tuned to the Divine Will and the constant Guidance begins in our life. Then even seemingly adverse situations become means towards the divine fulfillment of our life.

This talk was recorded in May 2012 in Nainital.

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