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At the Feet of The Mother

No Equal or Mate, pp. 365-366

Opening Remarks
The Divine becoming is a great felicity for earth and men. Yet few can keep the Divine measure. Man can only ascend to a partial height with great effort and the support of Grace. He tires too soon with the demand of the Godhead within us.

None could stand up her equal
But mid this world, these hearts that answered her call,
None could stand up her equal and her mate.

Though many were drawn near there was none who could be her equal and mate, her partner in the great game of life.

Too pure that air
In vain she stooped to equal them with her heights,
Too pure that air was for small souls to breathe.

Her being was too pure, too high, too vast for souls to accompany to the heights to which she was accustomed.

Comrade selves
These comrade selves to raise to her own wide breadths
Her heart desired and fill with her own power
That a diviner Force might enter life,
A breath of Godhead greaten human time.

She had come with a will to raise mankind to her own heights and fill them with her power so that their life could be filled with a diviner Force and a breath of the Godhead within could be felt in our acts and deeds.

Her greater self lived sole within
Although she leaned down to their littleness
Covering their lives with her strong passionate hands
And knew by sympathy their needs and wants
And dived in the shallow wave-depths of their lives
And met and shared their heart-beats of grief and joy
And bent to heal their sorrow and their pride,
Lavishing the might that was hers on her lone peak
To lift to it their aspiration’s cry,
And though she drew their souls into her vast
And surrounded with the silence of her deeps
And held as the great Mother holds her own,
Only her earthly surface bore their charge
And mixed its fire with their mortality:
Her greater self lived sole, unclaimed, within.

Out of deep compassion and love she leaned upon human lives and knew their needs through sympathy. She entered the surfaces of lives sharing their joys and griefs, bending to heal their sorrows and pride, pouring her mights to lift them to the heights. Though the souls of men were drawn into her and were surrounded by her silence and held by the world Mother only her surfaces bore the charge. She mixed her fire with their mortal state. Yet inwardly she remained alone, sole, coveted by many, claimed by none.

Dumb nature
Oftener in dumb Nature’s stir and peace
A nearness she could feel serenely one;
The Force in her drew earth’s subhuman broods;
And to her spirit’s large and free delight
She joined the ardent-hued magnificent lives
Of animal and bird and flower and tree.

Not only the lives of men but also of bird and beast and flower and tree received Her large and free delight.

Answer with the simple heart
They answered to her with the simple heart.

The subhuman life responded to her with a simple heart.

Closing Remarks
All goes well until the mind comes into play. It takes away the straight and direct response and robs us of the wonder and delight of creation.

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There is nothing sentimental in the true weeping that comes from the soul. All that you feel now is the blossoming of the psychic being in you and the growth of a real bhakti.