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At the Feet of The Mother

November 17, 1973 (historic footage)

A short documentary with historic footage from November 17 – 20, 1973.

The Mother is reading in French the following Aphorism from Sri Aurobindo’s “Writings from the Arya”

“In all these things there is a meaning and for all these contradictions there is a release. Nature has a method in every madness of her combinings and for her most inextricable knots there is a solution. Death is the question Nature puts continually to Life and her reminder to it that it has not yet found itself. If there were no siege of death, the creature would be bound for ever in the form of an imperfect living. Pursued by death he awakes to the idea of perfect life and seeks out its means and its possibility.” [ CWSA 13: 205]

As She reads in French:

“Il existe une signification pour toutes ces choses et une délivrance de toutes ces contradictions. Dans ses combinaisons les plus folles, la Nature suit une méthode, et ses næuds les plus inextricables ont leur dénouement. La mort est la question que la Nature pose continuellement à la Vie pour lui rappeler qu’elle ne s’est pas encore trouvée elle-même. Sans l’assaut de la mort, la créature serait liée pour toujours à une forme de vie imparfaite. Poursuivie par la mort, elle s’éveille à l’idée d’une vie parfaite et en cherche les moyens et la possibilité.”

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