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At the Feet of The Mother

Omniscience and Omnipotence, p. 321

Opening Remarks
The home of the Eternal has been reached where Omniscience is wedded with Omnipotence.

The utter Unity of the Spirit
There turns no keyed creation in the void,
No giant mechanism watched by a soul;
There creaks no fate-turned huge machinery;
The marriage of evil with good within one breast,
The clash of strife in the very clasp of love,
The dangerous pain of life’s experiment
In the values of Inconsequence and Chance,
The peril of mind’s gamble, throwing our lives
As stake in a wager of indifferent gods
And the shifting lights and shadows of the idea
Falling upon the surface consciousness,
And in the dream of a mute witness soul
Creating the error of a half-seen world
Where knowledge is a seeking ignorance,
Life’s steps a stumbling series without suit,
Its aspect of fortuitous design,
Its equal measure of the true and false
In that immobile and immutable realm
Find no access, no cause, no right to live:
There only reigns the spirit’s motionless power
Poised in itself through still eternity
And its omniscient and omnipotent peace.

There the incessant movement of creation is at rest. Fate and the machinery of life is stilled. The dualities of evil and good, strife and love, are resolved in a unity beyond thought. There chance ceases to exist. Error and fortuitous design, peril and gamble and the danger of life’s experiment thrown as stake in a wager of indifferent gods, the shifting lights and shadows, the stumbling of life where knowledge is a seeking ignorance are no more there. The measures of true and false find no admittance in that realm losing their very cause to exist. There only reigns the spirit’s motionless power, its omniscience and omnipotent peace, poised in itself through still eternity. All the forces are absorbed in their Origin and lose their separate functioning as if they were independent of each other and of the Creatrix Consciousness.

Loss of dualities
Thought clashes not with thought and truth with truth,
There is no war of right with rival right;
There are no stumbling and half-seeing lives
Passing from chance to unexpected chance,
No suffering of hearts compelled to beat
In bodies of the inert Inconscient’s make.

There ceases clash of thoughts and truth with truth. There ceases war of right with rival right. There are no stumbling and half-seeing lives prone to error and subject to grief and pain passing through the game of chance. There no suffering exists in hearts compelled to beat in bodies of inert Inconscient’s make. It is a realm of Unity, the Unity of the Spirit where all dualities cease to be as they undergo a transmuting change. There all is Unity, Beauty, Light and Oneness and Bliss.

Guardians of Eternity
Armed with the immune occult unsinking Fire
The guardians of Eternity keep its law
For ever fixed upon Truth’s giant base
In her magnificent and termless home.

Armed with the occult unsinking Fire, the guardians of Eternity keep its law for ever fixed upon Truth’s vast base in her magnificent and termless home. The guardians of Eternity are the first Four Emanations, the original Gods and their feminine Energies represented by Wisdom, Strength, Harmony and Perfection.

Closing Remarks
Aswapati reaches the realm of Unity of the Spirit where no duality can stay.

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To be spontaneous means not to think, organise, decide and make an effort to realise with the personal will.