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At the Feet of The Mother

On Determinism

When we look at the whole chain of cause and effect carrying us blindly and mechanically towards an end predetermined by the Cosmic Divine then surely there is no real freedom. It appears that an individual is simply caught like a fly on the wheel as the Gita puts it. This is the absolute fixity. Yet Nature creates an illusion of apparent freedom and we are compelled to act through apparent choices. Whether we believe in free will or not we still have to make choices for it to through the choices and consequences that wisdom and strength and everything else grows in us. It is the law of human evolution and even when one intellectually knows it as an illusion yet it changes nothing on the ground level.

But at the other side, is even the Divine who is perfect freedom and acts in complete omniscience and omnipotence, also tied to His own determinism? That would be paradoxical unless we state that there are two poises of the Divine, one where He acts according to the pre-determinism fixed by Him and another in which He is completely free to change things through intervention or to hasten the process and even bypass many things depending upon the evolutionary necessity. If this were not so and the Divine too were completely tied to His own absolute fixity, then prayer, Compassion, Grace, Divine intervention to change the course of fate would all become meaningless. This is what the Mother is revealing to us.

Though there is a fixity in the cosmic scheme and the cosmic consciousness moves along the lines determined by the Cosmic Divine, there is another Transcendent status of the Divine wherein entirely new possibilities can be brought into the cosmic and thereby the individual field changing the rules of the game and the process of the play. It is this She is referring to. Instead of the individual being caught under the wheel of circumstances prefigured by the cosmic Divine in His triple time vision, one can enter the timeless planes and going beyond identify with the Eternal and arriving at the only possible freedom through union with the Transcendent Divine share His liberty and participate in changing his own and the world’s destiny.

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