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At the Feet of The Mother

On Relationships

People do not touch upon such core issues of life as relationships largely because of ignorance and fear. They hardly invest time and energy in anything beyond their little area of work. So very often we see people at loss about relationships, child upbringing, spiritual pursuits, national and international issues and many other things because they somehow had not the time or inclination and energy to dwell deep into matters beyond their areas of work.

Another reason is fear. They are afraid of losing a relationship if they tried to understand it in depth. This fear may have some basis because relationships often end up due to mounting frustration of unresolved issues. So they start playing the ostrich not knowing that by doing so you are not cementing a relationship but destroying it within even though keeping the neat facade outside.

Most of course are hardly bothered about these things. They take life for granted and everything in it including relationships and feel the pain only when it is lost. This happens because there is a subtle law of life that if you leave any vacuum anywhere the cosmic forces will rush in to fill the gap.

That is why for love to be complete it must include all aspects, – spiritual, intellectual, emotional, vital, sensory and physical. Otherwise there remains a gap which is not healthy since human beings are a totality and not bits and parts. That is what we see in the Mother’s message. But it is of course very rare, rarest of rare to find someone with whom all your parts can engage beautifully and meaningfully rather than socially and formally as for example, in the institution of marriage.

The result of this hollow and incompleteness is that individuals indulge in falsehoods and facades of every kind which equally does not satisfy because the problem remains the same. One cannot fill the different spots of nature with different people. There are therefore only two possible solutions to this issue. One is to remain alone and try to fill every spot of loneliness by the Divine. The second is to wait until one finds the one with whom one can share every aspect of one’s life with fullness and spontaneous ease and joy.   But both solutions are not easy since they require a great degree of faithfulness to the goal.  That is why human life remains what it is, a field of frustration and suffering, a jigsaw puzzle whose core and ends are lost to our sight and which we somehow try to keep in one piece even though in reality it is already in pieces.

The practical way while we labour in ignorance is to stay focused on the divine aspect and fill ourselves with Him and if the Divine so wants and if the time has come then He will arrange for us the one with whom we can share every detail of our life at all the planes. It is otherwise near impossible for human consciousness in its present state to even think about finding one such person. More likely than not it will land people (and it does land them) in a kind of amorphous vital soup where we do not find love but all its glittering substitutes and imitations.

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