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At the Feet of The Mother

On Savitri

"Savitri Veda"

Overview in Hindi
by Alok Pandey (video)

"Gems from Savitri"

Passages with reflections
by Alok Pandey (video)

"Savitri Classes
in Hindi"

with Alok Pandey (audio)

Savitri Satsang

with Alok Pandey (audio)

"Reading Savitri"

Passage-wise commentary by Alok Pandey (text)

Talks on Savitri

by Alok Pandey
(audio & video)

"The Glory of the Divine Mother"

A book of annotated passages from Savitri

Savitri Recitations

The Mother & disciples (audio & video)

Savitri Study Camps

with Alok Pandey
(audio & video)

"Explorations in Savitri"

with Alok Pandey & Narad

"Writings on Savitri"

A book by Alok Pandey

"Talks on Savitri"

A book of transcribed talks by Alok Pandey

"Invitation to Savitri"

Overview talks by Mangesh Nadkarni (audio & text)