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At the Feet of The Mother

On the Advancement of Technology

Technology is an inevitable consequence of manifestation. Each Age has its technology appropriate to its inner development. It is because in creation consciousness is turned towards manifestation at every level. Now we are living in an Age of accelerated mental development and hence the technology is also driven by the Mind and hence the problem. The Mind has cut off itself from the one Divine Reality and lives in a divided and divisive consciousness and the technology naturally shares many of these characteristics which can really threaten our human and even planetary existence. However, fortunately since we are in a transitional stage since the time Sri Aurobindo and the Mother are upon earth we are also seeing the birth of another kind of technology which is more aligned to the spiritual evolution. At this point of time both kinds of technology exist and much depends upon how we use it.

Technology can give us the much-needed time which we can use it for our growth but more often than not it has only made us busy with meaningless things and tied us more and more to outer comforts and sensory gratification. It has tied the world into a single unit but by that very fact made it a terribly dangerous world where we can destroy the world and damage human life sitting in one place. And now with the Artificial Intelligence we may end up being enslaved in more ways than one.

The conclusion is that technology and science have put us in a situation wherein we have an urgency to evolve spiritually. Sooner we do that the better for us. If we can do that, some of the existing technologies and many more that will evolve as a consequence of the spiritual evolution will help make life upon earth beautiful and equal to heaven. If we do not then the same technology will be used by man for his self-destruction. Let us hope however that in this race it is the spiritual evolution that will win and the Divine will use everything to hasten us towards the terrestrial perfection of earth and man.

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