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At the Feet of The Mother

On the Church, Charity and Love for Christ

The Church and Christianity is not synonymous with Christ. If it were so there would not be so many sects and Churches around the central divine persona of Christ. Each of these sects claims its own doctrines to be correct. Have you wondered why? It is simply because the human mind is unable to rise to the vastness of the Divine and hence is quick to reduce the Lord into small and narrow formulas. It further commits a ‘blasphemy’ against the greatness and might of the Omnipotent Omniscient Lord who disdains not even the worm by creating a divide between the ‘believers’ who are saved and the ‘non-believers’ who are condemned to eternal damnation. Thus, have they limited the infinite Grace that befits one truly Almighty by forcing Him to don the robe of a Judge than of one whose heart is filled with infinite kindness and mercy and compassion that especially Christ stands for. 

Of course, there are good people everywhere who engage in acts of charity and philanthropy, some out of their sense of service to the Divine in man or out of inborn genuine kindness and charity, some out of aggrandising their ego whereas others to satisfy the conscience of the robber who first loots and then shares some of his booty. There are yet others who engage in charity out of an evangelist fervour to convert others presumably to save them from eternal hell through the conversion. I am sure the Divine seated in the heart of every creature knows the true inner motive which differentiates actions based on the inner moving spring rather than the outer act. Such people are everywhere because goodness is everywhere and fortunately does not depend upon our being born into one religion or another. There are atheists who are merciful and believers who could be cruel and unforgiving and all in the name of their Founder!

But here I’d like to refer to the proclivity to evil that we often find in official religions due to certain doctrines such as exclusivity of their God and the superiority of their religion, the spirit of conversions through fear and favour, judging a human being based on his belief and rendering justice in the crudest of ways, denying the Divine Presence in every creature etc. etc. There is so much more to which the history of certain religions is a witness. 

Anyways everybody is free to hold his/her own beliefs and engage in charity in hope that the world will become a better place through that. Millenniums have seen the effort of religions to do that, yet the greatest of truths that mankind has ever learnt is that the Father and the Son are one in essence and each of us carries the Divine within our heart and there is a way to find and become one with Him. Or to use the phrase from the Veda, there is but One Reality though many are the ways to approach it and many are the names with which one calls IT. 

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