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At the Feet of The Mother

On the Significance of April 24, 1920

Look at the Lord sitting majestically like the Himalayas as if unperturbed even if the entire creation were wiped out of existence. Vast, Impersonal, Calm, Serene, Unshaken, Measureless, Illimitable. Inconceivable, Fathomless, as if the Eternal and the Infinite had assumed a form and a face. Who would not be inspired and attracted by these heights beyond heights. I feel so helplessly drawn to these heights and find the lowliness of our ordinary or what we call as normal earthly existence so absurd and small and meaningless before His Majesty, the King of kings, the Emperor of emperors.

And yet what humility, what compassion and love, reside in his heart! What Illimitable strength, what wisdom that can pull a whole world out of the densest darkness. Can there be anything more secure, anyone more reliable and dependable, more true and real, as if the Supreme Mystery, the unfallen One had assumed a shape and a name for our sake.

In the Mother’s picture we see the same Glory of glories, the sole Omnipotent Omniscient Goddess of whom the world is a mask and whose splendour cannot be described by the four Vedas and all the seers and sages, yet who has assumed the beauty of a human face to come near us, to play with us, to hold our fingers and teach us walk and carry us in Her lap when the going gets tough. Out of Her infinite Love She has come to open the doors of a sunlit Path so that we can avoid the thorns and the blows through which life teaches us, so that the stony courtyards of creation become a bed of flowers and the stones hurled at us become a garland of flowers. She has come in our midst to change this dark unconscious world of bitterness and Suffering and evil and pain into a home of the Wonderful, a garden of God, a river of beauty and laughter and joy, a song of sweetness and love, a bouquet of sweet harmony and peace. Can there be any other work more engaging and interesting and fulfilling!! 

But the Mother and Sri Aurobindo are one Being, a single Truth in two poises. Sri Aurobindo is like the majestic Himalayas who holds within its snowy summits the purest source of life that has descended from the heavens to redeem Earth. Sri Aurobindo, like Shiva has given his head and his body to hold this purifying Force, this transfiguring Flame. The Mother is the mighty Ganges flowing from the heart of the Himalayas. She is the love that dwells in Sri Aurobindo’s heart, the Force he bore in his body and mind, the fire of his tapasya. The Mother carries all these fruits of Sri Aurobindo’s tapasya to us bridging the gap between the inaccessible summits and our fallen earthly state. They are one in two bodies. Yet closer to us is She for it is She who can take us to Sri Aurobindo just as it is Sri Aurobindo who can reveal to us Her mystery. 

Their Presence is the proof of the New Creation that is bound to be. But for now, the world is their Smithy to shape and forge us into forms divine. If the material we offer is supple and plastic, Her shaping touch though tremendous is felt as a gentle caress. But if we offer hard and thick resistance the mould resists and cracks and feels the pressure and the heat. 

That there will be the New Creation is a certainty more certain than tomorrow. But who will be ready to receive it is the question we must ask of ourselves. To receive is first to give so that the human vessel may be empty to receive the Divine. It is the only thing worth living for. All the rest is an endless cycle of Time moving around the same old grooves of habitual littleness. 

We can close with two Her messages of 1956 where She first announced the Supramental Manifestation to a world: ‘The New Creation is no more a promise but a living reality’, taking shape within us as well as outside us. It is there in us as our soul’s deepest aspiration for a collective emancipation and transformation of earthly life. It is there in us as the soul’s faith in its divine possibility and hope that never dies despite the appearances. It is there in us shaping our thoughts and feelings and will towards this new possibility. It is there in us even as the body’s secret urge towards progress and harmony and even the dream of everlasting youth and immortality. It is there in us as the dream of a perfect millennium for earth and mankind, the kingdom of God, the possibility of a heaven upon earth. Mankind has harboured, nurtured, attempted however imperfectly these deepest longings through the Ages of approximation. Now the time has come for the approximations and even failures to turn into the ultimate build-up of the decisive victory. 

Mother announced the Supramental Manifestation of February 29 in two messages published in the Bulletin of April 1956, the first one published under the heading ’29 February’:

‘Lord, Thou hast willed and I execute, A new light breaks upon the earth, A new world is born. The things that were promised are fulfilled.’

and the message of the 24th April 1956 which gives us a further assurance:  

“The manifestation of the Supramental upon earth is no more a promise but a living fact, a reality. It is at work here, and one day will come when the most blind, the most unconscious, even the most unwilling shall be obliged to recognise it.” 

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