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At the Feet of The Mother

On Worshiping Gods and Goddesses

The names and forms of the Gods and Goddesses represent an aspect or power of the One Divine. By worshipping them we seek to awaken that power within us. Or else we seek the boon that they can give since each of them holds certain capacities to give what is within their power to a devotee. Sometimes they are worshipped as the giver of liberation. In that case the power through which we are worshipping, if it is one of the great powers on the tops of creation, our prayer is transmitted to the Supreme who then gives us the liberation if He deems us ready and right.

All our worship, whether direct or indirect goes to the Supreme whose sanction is there behind the action of the gods. If we wish for these transient gifts or seek one or the other aspect of the Divine then we can approach the gods. But if we seek the very Highest or to know the Divine in His totality or to embody Him in His integrality then it is not sufficient. It is in fact even given to man to directly come in contact with the Supreme who dwells within Him and now with the complete incarnation of the Divine Mother and the Supramental manifestation, it has become much easier to approach the Supreme Himself.

This does not mean demeaning the gods. They exist as living and conscious powers of the Divine who labour to bring the creation a little nearer to its goal. What it means however is that there is no need to worship them or to surrender to them. For those who wish to engage in the Supramental yoga our worship and devotion and surrender needs to go now only to the Divine Mother in her present embodiment. To continue worshipping the gods in the old ways is to continue the reign of the Overmind and be divided in our surrender and faith.

As to the Avatars that is a different matter. Each Avatar takes creation one step forwards towards the Goal. So again, it depends upon where we want to go. Just as the gods form a hierarchy above the earth, the Avatars form a hierarchy upon the earth. Each avatar therefore brings something new into creation, the last and latest of which we find in Sri Aurobindo. So here again it depends upon our seeking. If we wish to seek the Highest divine Perfection and to embody it upon earth individually and collectively then it is Sri Aurobindo alone who can grant it to us.

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