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At the Feet of The Mother

The One and the Many pp 31-32

Opening remarks
How does our self-experience and world-experience change when we are identified with the Cosmic Spirit? We are given a brief glimpse of this state in the lines that follow.

The Supreme’s gaze
The Supreme’s gaze looked out through human eyes
And saw all things and creatures as itself
And knew all thought and word as its own voice.

When man becomes conscious of the Divine, unites with the Divine, then he discovers the true basis of Unity. For the Divine there is no ‘other’. All is an aspect, portion, extension of Himself, held within Himself in a state of perfect harmony.

Love, Unity and Oneness
There unity is too close for search and clasp         (p 32 begins)
And love is a yearning of the One for the One,
And beauty is a sweet difference of the Same
And oneness is the soul of multitude.

It is only when we progressively unite with the Divine Consciousness can we discover the deep Unity underlying all things. Then only we can love truly, understand truly through an inner oneness and identification/identity with all.

The One Truth source of all truths
There all the truths unite in a single Truth,
And all ideas rejoin Reality.

Not only in the realm of love and beauty but also in the realm of ideas there is a secret unity. Each idea is the partial expression and a particular truth that is in harmony with all other truths in the Consciousness of the One. In the play of multiplicity they appear divided, often even coming in clash with ‘other’ truths but in the Divine they stand united as different and complimentary aspects of the One Reality. To use an image we may say that Ideas are projections of aspects of Truth, like fingers of the hand they reach out and appear separate but are inwardly always connected to their base. Different ideas derive from a common Source of Knowledge and Power.

Wisdom supernal
There knowing herself by her own termless self,
Wisdom supernal, wordless, absolute
Sat uncompanioned in the eternal Calm,
All-seeing, motionless, sovereign and alone.

One and Alone, a Single Being without a second, has become this manifold creation. It is He who dwells in the heart of all things and yet, He is beyond all, an Eternal Presence not subject to mutation and change. To know this is to have Wisdom, to live in this truth is to remain always calm and untouched under any circumstances.

Knowledge beyond thoughts and words
There knowledge needs not words to embody Idea;
Idea, seeking a house in boundlessness,
Weary of its homeless immortality,
Asks not in thought’s carved brilliant cell to rest
Whose single window’s clipped outlook on things
Sees only a little arc of God’s vast sky.

This is the normal progression. Knowledge is in a realm far beyond the Mind. It slowly releases realizes?) itself in Idea which further uses thought and word to express itself. In the process it suffers various degrees of limitations and distortions at each successive level. This is how knowledge turns into Ignorance. Its vastness becomes limited and even distorted by fixed dogmas, belief systems, ideologies and all the rest.

Wider than the world
The boundless with the boundless there consorts;
While there, one can be wider than the world;
While there, one is one’s own infinity.

It is there, in That One Reality, the eternal Source of all things, that we discover our own divine origin and eternal source. We too as children of Infinity share then His boundlessness and liberty from all limiting frames.

Closing Remarks
Thus we have a glimpse of the vast and integral vision that is the privilege of those who are united with the Divine and thus ascend to the highest realms. For them unity and oneness becomes the law of living. Division loses its hold and the consciousness freed from limited dogmas and beliefs soar far above into infinity.


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