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At the Feet of The Mother

Opening Remarks

Thus far, in Cantos One and Two of Book One, we have been given a brief background of Savitri’s work. It is a cosmic work that she has undertaken, against which are arraigned powers of darkness that do not wish to see the Advent and growth of Light upon earth.

We have also been given a little glimpse into Savitri’s divine personality. Now with this new Canto, the story runs for quite some time in a flashback, as it were, revealing to us the secret of Savitri’s birth. It gives us the background of Savitri’s coming. The secret behind her advent is the seer-king Aswapati, who embodies the aspiration of the earth and who eventually calls down the Divine Intervention in the form of an embodiment of Divine Love and Power and Grace that Savitri is.

But before this can happen, the seer-king Aswapati undertakes a long and unprecedented journey of yoga that starts from his individual liberation from the law of Ignorance, under which we labour leading to much suffering and pain. Ordinarily this has been considered as the end of yogic endeavor after which all that one has to do is to exhaust the past karmas created by the past momentum of Nature and then depart into the silence of Nirvana with the falling off the bodily cloak. However Aswapati does not stop at the frontiers of Nirvana. If anything his journey begins there and entering uncharted territories. Impelled by his aspiration to save earth and humanity it ends at the doors of the Divine Mother to secure a boon for Earth and men. he the boon of the Divine Mother. In this Canto we see the first beginnings of his tremendous journey, the freedom from bondage to Ignorance.

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