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At the Feet of The Mother

Opening Remarks for Book Five

Savitri has undertaken the quest for finding the person who is to be her partner and mate in the great mission with which she has come to earth. She is the Divine Mother Herself and yet She is here to do the human lila, to play and work through the human persona. In this book we see the culmination of her quest. Savitri arrives at a spot where she meets Satyavan and knows he is the one with whom her life has been linked through the ages in this one common work.

The Book of Love, as the name itself suggests, reveals to us the mysteries of love as it expresses and manifests itself in and through human beings. As we go through the pages of this wonderful Book, exquisite in beauty, we are shown all about the mystery of Love, in its origin, its purpose and the secret of lasting union in love. We are also revealed what is that ideal type of humanity that is best suited for Savitri’s great work. In Satyavan, we find the description of the ideal man who is ready to go beyond his manhood towards a diviner humanity.

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