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At the Feet of The Mother

Opening Remarks for the Canto 4

Aswapati is now face-to-face with the Divine Mother. His one-pointed aspiration has reached Her. She knows his aspiration and has come hearing his cry. At first, She cautions him about the difficulty of the boon that he is about to ask. It is the highest that man has ever asked from the Supreme. Though this is decreed that one day earth and man will be transformed into a divine superhumanity, yet its time has not yet arrived. A premature attempt might well break down the imperfect earth. Man is still not ready for the transmuting touch as he is too much in love with his ignorance. However, Aswapati pleads on behalf of humanity since he is the representative of the race. He knows that Time is only an instrument and if the Divine Mother so wills then nothing can stand in the way of the eventual fulfilment even here and now rather than the hereafter. His will is for now and since Aswapati is the human representative of the Lord Himself we may say that the incarnate Lord wills for it to be now. After hearing his plea, She assures and grants him that She Herself will come down to earth assuming a human form and change the scheme of things and the law of painful evolution here into steps of Light and Truth.

The stage is now set for the advent of the Divine Mother which will be the subject of Book Four.

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