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At the Feet of The Mother

Opening Remarks for the Canto XIV The World-Soul

Aswapati in his search for the master-key, that would uplift earth-nature towards the divinity hidden deep within it, has arrived at some vast impersonal state. It is a state of static stillness, a silence powerful and absolute, a witness state of utter indifference towards the world and humanity and creation. This cannot be the final destination though many would rest in it and prize it as nirvana. But it is only a mental nirvana and the key that he is searching for is not here. Therefore he ventures further but there seems to be no route except for an exit door of escape. However there opens before him, in answer to his seeking a well or a tunnel through which he can travel further towards. Through this passage he enters the very heart of the world where he would meet the World Soul and the World Mother.

He enters the Cosmic Consciousness. Diving deep into the heart of the Mystery he comes into contact with the Cosmic Being, the World Soul that moves the forward march of creation and manages all that is within its vast Consciousness and Being. There is a wonderful description of the passage and the beautiful encounter with the Cosmic Being.  It is here that souls come after they depart from the body and after a period of assimilating rest return back to earth for continuing their journey through other lives.  This cycle goes on until they can escape into the Transcendent Beyond (Nirvana) or chose to bring down something New out of the Unmanifest Transcendent into the cosmic and make it a general possibility. It is this that Aswapati is seeking and impelled by this aspiration he reaches its deepest inmost core where he has the darshan of the World Mother. It is She who then opens the doors of the Higher hemisphere. Because without Her Grace one cannot go further into the Beyond. She is the Mahamaya who stands on the borders of Eternity.

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