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At the Feet of The Mother

Opening Remarks to the Canto Three

Savitri has come of age. She must now find her partner with whom she must walk together and face the great question of life. The symbol works here at two levels. At the deepest level it is the search for souls who are ready to be a collaborator of the Divine in the great game of life. The divine manifestation takes place through the human instrument. It is the human who has to evolve into the Divine and hence his active participation and collaboration is important. There is the importance of the human being. The call to the quest therefore is the Divine Consciousness going out as the embodied Divine, the Avatar choosing and building Her instruments for the New Manifestation that She brings with Her.

But the quest is also for Her partner in the great game of life and creation, her spiritual collaborator, one who is her complimentary being. We have here another secret truth of Purusha and Prakriti, Iswara and Shakti who have worked together for ages for the Divine Victory upon earth. In each age they are born in an earthly body to work together for the single common mission. Indissolubly linked that must face the great battle of life together hand in hand. Their coming together augments their power tremendously but for this very reason, all the established forces of creation oppose it and stand between them and their coming together. This is the challenge that Savitri must undertake and find her Soul Mate with only the power of her soul to assist and aid. Savitri is none else but the Divine Mother, Shakti, and Satyavan is also none other than the Iswara, the Supreme Lord Himself who has come down with her partner and divine spouse for the great work that they must do together.

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