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At the Feet of The Mother

Opinions and Truth

The world is deafened and drowned in the noise of chatter. There are multiple views and opinions to which each one holds as if to some precious object. Each one thinks his own opinion to be true while all others to be false. The result is clash and conflict of thoughts and viewpoints and ideologies. At one level it is needed to have one’s opinion. To have one’s own viewpoint is what begins to differentiate us from the herd and the mob. We must learn to think for ourselves. But for that the very first pre-requisite is to learn to think. Often what we call as our thinking is nothing  else but a stream of vibrations entering our mental field. The mind conditioned by the senses, driven by desires and governed by the ego is selects a few of these and gives it a clothing of thought and words and speech. Once this dressing is done the mental ego in us holds on to it as if it were what defines us. Our thoughts and ideas become our identity which we struggle to defend as  an animal instinctively defends its physical body. Our thought-body then becomes a matter of survival for us which we must defend at any cost.

While all this is necessary at a certain stage of evolution as it shapes our instrumental ego-personality as a means of action in the world. Before this is formed we are like a confused and disorganised mass of vibrations and energies that flow through the bodily form unhindered, unchecked. However, at another stage there is need to suspend all our judgment and knowings and false certitudes and one-sided ideas and viewpoints and opinions. By doing this our mind begins to grow wide and supple and quiet. We disengage from this momentary ego-personality constructed by nature for its own purposes. We step back and seek to discover who we truly are. We become like a child who looks upon the world with wonder or an explorer who knows nothing and hence has all the world to discover before him.

It when we have thus quietened the clamour and noise of thoughts and opinions but with an aspiration for Truth that the goddess of Wisdom begins to smile upon our life and knowledge begins to pour upon our mind-stuff in radiant streams filling the brain and body with a new light, the light that dawns upon us from the emerging rays of Truth. A new journey begins whereby through the rays we climb to the Truth. We emerge out of the chaos and conflict of opinions knowing that this was stage in our evolution. We know that each opinion is only a small little foothold in our endless climb upon the mountain of Truth. But if we make an opinion our stronghold then we stop climbing. It is only when we let go of it that we can slowly begin our ascent towards the home of Truth where Wisdom sports in solitude untouched by the noise and clamour of the world.

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It is not the personality, the character that is of the first importance in rebirth — it is the psychic being who stands behind the evolution of the nature and evolves with it.