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At the Feet of The Mother

Our Best Attitude in Challenging Times

Difficult times are part of the journey of life. We need to remember that difficult moments come to earth, individually as well as collectively, to prepare us, to awaken the elements that are yet asleep to the call for a greater Light, to churn all that is hidden in our dark subconscious regions so that the shadows can be discarded and men consciously chose the Light and the Right. These moments sometimes come with a rude shock of battle and surprise, as the Hour of God and compel us to make difficult choices so that based on our choices, men, nations and continents can move in the directions and the roads of their inevitable destiny.  Besides the play of world-forces and the Divine purpose they fulfil is not easy to fathom because many issues are at stake and simultaneously being worked out through the conflict. The best therefore is to remain quiet with trust and confidence in the Grace and the supreme Wisdom that governs the world working itself through the dark and thick resistances of humanity.

This is what the Mother said when She was asked about the possibility of a Third World War. Though the context may be slightly different, yet the answer has a universal applicability.

“Q: If a world-war breaks out, it may not only destroy the major portion of humanity but may even make living conditions for those who survive impossible due to the effects of the nuclear fall-out. In case the possibility of such a war is still there, will it not affect the advent of the Supramental Truth and of the New Race upon earth?

The Mother: All these are mental speculations and once you enter the domain of mental imaginations there is no end to the problems and to their solutions. But all that does not bring you one step closer to the truth.

The safest and most healthy attitude of the mind is like this one: we have been told in a positive and definite way that the supramental creation will follow the present one, so, whatever is in preparation for the future must be the circumstances needed for the advent whatever they are. And as we are unable to foresee correctly what these circumstances are, it is better to keep silent about them.


To anticipate difficulties is to help them happen. Always to foresee the best with a total trust in the Divine Grace is to collaborate effectively in the supramental work upon earth.”

[1 Feb 1963, CWM 15: 111-112]

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There is nothing sentimental in the true weeping that comes from the soul. All that you feel now is the blossoming of the psychic being in you and the growth of a real bhakti.