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At the Feet of The Mother

Our Journey

The Path is everywhere. We carry it wherever we go. It is carved by the fire of aspiration and the light of our faith. It is this faith and will to be that is the real essence of our journey. Of course what is needed is the courage and the sincerity that opens the doors and gives gives us the will to walk through the thick of every night until at last there dawns the light of an everlasting day.

Going to occultists or practitioners of different paths it is generally not a good idea as it means mixing influences. The explorations of certain past bygone forms of yoga may be interesting and engaging, but they cannot fill man’s quenchless thirst for perfection and fullness in himself and life upon earth.

Even when fluctuations take place, as long as opening to the Mother remains intact, nothing irretrievable has happened. Even a moment’s faith, a single sincere call, an intense aspiration, however brief is enough to put us back on the straight and sunlit path. Anything can be used as steps of the great journey and at the end of it all one comes out richer and more complete.

Do not think much about resistances, as they only increase by dwelling upon them, rather think of the Grace and open to Her with all the confidence of a child full of trust in his mother who ever waits for him with arms wide open and heart full of love to pour upon.




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