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At the Feet of The Mother

Our Unreached Heights, p. 263

Opening Remarks
There are ranges of consciousness beyond our thinking mind that remain unreached for now. But with our further evolution we are destined to reach these presently unreachable heights.

Reserve of truth
All things are real that here are only dreams,
In our unknown depths sleeps their reserve of truth,
On our unreached heights they reign and come to us
In thought and muse trailing their robes of light.

All things we dismiss as mere dreams are real there. In our unknown depths there are domains of truth sealed to our vision that can remake our lives. These truths reign on our own unreached heights and visit us from time to time as profound thoughts and luminous musings trailing their robes of light.

Ideal’s peaks
But our dwarf will and cold pragmatic sense
Admit not the celestial visitants:
Awaiting us on the Ideal’s peaks
Or guarded in our secret self unseen
Yet flashed sometimes across the awakened soul,
Hide from our lives their greatness, beauty, power.

Though we have visitations from these peaks inspiring our thoughts and feelings, they are distorted or blocked by our dwarf will and cold pragmatic sense deeming these things as impossible. Our lives governed by small desires and petty selfish interests remain closed to the gleaming lights from the Ideal realms. It is only when we have discovered our secret soul or are close to it that this hidden greatness, beauty and power and wisdom begins to reveal itself.

The shining planes
Our present feels sometimes their regal touch,
Our future strives towards their luminous thrones:
Out of spiritual secrecy they gaze,
Immortal footfalls in mind’s corridors sound:
Our souls can climb into the shining planes,
The breadths from which they came can be our home.

We feel the touch of these luminous planes sometimes. It is in this direction of an ascension towards more luminous states that our future calls us. At times, receiving the touch from these shining planes, we experience immortal thoughts rising in our mind. These heights to which our souls climb in rare moments, these breadths from where we fell can become our normal and natural station of consciousness.

Immortals’ air
His privilege regained of shadowless sight
The Thinker entered the immortals’ air
And drank again his pure and mighty source.

Thus Aswapati now enters these shining planes with the awakening of the shadowless sight that reveals the truth. The thinker in him grew into a seer with a prophetic vision. He reached the very source and fount from where Thought is born in its purity and might.

Closing Remarks
The above passage describes the ascension of Aswapati into the luminous immortal planes above the human mind.

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