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At the Feet of The Mother

Parting of the Veil, pp. 295-296, and Closing Remarks for the Canto

Opening Remarks
The World-Mother stands at the doors of the Unknowable and it is She alone who can part the veil that separates creation from the Lord.

Sovereign gesture
Then in a sovereign answer to his heart
A gesture came as of worlds thrown away,
And from her raiment’s lustrous mystery raised
One arm half-parted the eternal veil.

Then in a sovereign gesture of one who is indeed the supreme Power over all the cosmic forces, the World-Mother made a gesture as if of giving the powers and forces of the world to the great tapaswi Aswapati. Beholding her raiment’s lustrous mystery he saw the World-Mother raise her arm and remove the eternal veil that the Lord has thrown between Himself and creation.

A light still and imperishable
A light appeared still and imperishable.

A still and imperishable light appeared as she raised her arm and parted the veil.

The Mystic outline of a face
Attracted to the large and luminous depths
Of the ravishing enigma of her eyes,
He saw the mystic outline of a face.

In that light, Aswapati beheld the mystic outline of her face. He was drawn to her large and luminous depths that he felt behind her ravishing enigmatic eyes.

Overwhelmed by her
Overwhelmed by her implacable light and bliss,
An atom of her illimitable self
Mastered by the honey and lightning of her power,
Tossed towards the shores of her ocean-ecstasy,
Drunk with a deep golden spiritual wine,
He cast from the rent stillness of his soul
A cry of adoration and desire
And the surrender of his boundless mind
And the self-giving of his silent heart.

Her implacable light and bliss overwhelmed Aswapati and he felt himself as an atom of her boundless Self. He was mastered by Her power and tossed towards the shores of ecstasy. Drunk with the golden spiritual wine of the supreme Ananda he cast from his still soul-depths a cry of adoration and desire. Surrendering his boundless mind to her his silent heart gave itself completely to her.

He fell down at her feet
He fell down at her feet unconscious, prone.

Losing himself completely in her, Aswapati fels down at her Feet of glory and bliss.

Closing Remarks
Here ends the long and tremendous journey of Aswapati. Winding through the complex network of forces he has reached the feet of the Divine Mother in her aspect of the supreme cosmic Power that stands behind and moves all things.

Closing Remarks for the Canto

Aswapati’s journey of ascension through the Mind planes led him to a state of impersonal calm and stillness and peace. But there he could not find the World-power that has started the cosmic game. The sense of the world and its secret purpose remained unknown. Therefore he dives deep within his soul where he finds the long-sought clue, the door to the ultimate Power that can change this world. Crossing the spaces of the psychic world he arrives at the very core and fount of creation where our souls return after death only to restart the long journey through many lives. After death we go back to the Divine Mother’s lap and peace and bliss and rejuvenating and assimilating the past we resume our journey towards the future. Aswapati has reached there even without death. He has arrived there by the power of his tapasya and beholds there the dual aspect of creation as one and beyond them the World-Mother who alone can guide him the way to the Beyond.

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