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At the Feet of The Mother

Peace and Quietude, pp. 542-543

Opening Remarks
Savitri has begun her journey of the annulment of the ego. She has discovered the many births of thought. Now she proceeds further.

This independent, once a power supreme,
Self-born before the universe was made,
Accepting cosmos, binds himself Nature’s serf
Till he becomes her freedman—or God’s slave.

The soul of man belongs to a very high region beyond the mind. It came into existence by itself before the universe was made. Originally a power of the Supreme, it accepts cosmos and thereby binds itself to Nature as her slave. This continues until one day Nature frees him or he becomes a slave of God.

Our greater truth
This is the appearance in our mortal front;
Our greater truth of being lies behind:
Our consciousness is cosmic and immense,
But only when we break through Matter’s wall
In that spiritual vastness can we stand
Where we can live the masters of our world
And mind is only a means and body a tool.

Though we are bound by nature in our surface consciousness, yet our greater truth is behind this frontal personality put up for instrumental purposes. Our consciousness is cosmic and immense. However to realise this truth we have to break free from the prison wall of Matter and stand in the spiritual vastness where we can live as the masters of the world and use the mind as means and the body as an tool, both as instruments of the soul.

Naked self
For above the birth of body and of thought
Our spirit’s truth lives in the naked self
And from that height, unbound, surveys the world.

Our true self lives above the body and mind. It guards our truth within and from that height, ever free and unbound it surveys the world.

Savitri rises above the mind
Out of the mind she rose to escape its law
That it might sleep in some deep shadow of self
Or fall silent in the silence of the Unseen.

Savitri rose out of the mind to escape its law to sleep in the shadow of some deep shadow of self or fall silent in the silence of the Unseen.

High she attained
High she attained and stood from Nature free
And saw creation’s life from far above,
Thence upon all she laid her sovereign will
To dedicate it to God’s timeless calm:
Then all grew tranquil in her being’s space,
Only sometimes small thoughts arose and fell
Like quiet waves upon a silent sea
Or ripples passing over a lonely pool
When a stray stone disturbs its dreaming rest.

Savitri rose high and stood above Nature in an inner freedom. She saw creation and its life from far above. Thence she began to master all by her sovereign will so that all could be taken up into the timeless calm of God. She grew tranquil within. Only sometimes thoughts rose and fell, like quiet waves upon a silent sea or ripples forming upon a lonely pool when a stone is thrown into it.

Mind’s factory
Yet the mind’s factory had ceased to work,
There was no sound of the dynamo’s throb,
There came no call from the still fields of life.

The mind’s factory had ceased to work and the thought machine had stopped. There was no call reaching her from the fields of life that had, like the mind, fallen still.

Peaceful landscape without sound
Then even those stirrings rose in her no more;
Her mind now seemed like a vast empty room
Or like a peaceful landscape without sound.

Then even those stirrings stopped and her mind now seemed like a vast empty room or a peaceful landscape without sound.

This men call quietude and prize as peace.

This is what men call as quietude and treasure as peace.

Closing Remarks
With this rising above thoughts, Savitri’s mind grew silent and full of Peace.

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There is nothing sentimental in the true weeping that comes from the soul. All that you feel now is the blossoming of the psychic being in you and the growth of a real bhakti.