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At the Feet of The Mother

Personal Relation with The Divine Mother (1) – Anilbaran Roy

Thou hast satisfied all the great demands of my soul, Mother; Thou hast become the centre of my life, my pole star: never, never again shall I go astray.

In Thee I have found the solution of all my doubts, in Thee I have found light in my darkness. The insatiable thirst for knowledge in me has found an eternal source of illumination in Thyself.

In Thee I have found my heart’s delight. Thy grace and sweetness and beauty have filled my whole life with gladness. In allowing me to offer my love to Thee and lay my heart’s homage at Thy feet, Thou hast given me the surest means of purifying myself and preparing for the immortal joy of the divine life.

And in serving Thy great cause, Mother, I have found such a scope and field for all my power and energy as was beyond even my wildest imagination; and Thou art teaching me the true skill in work.

Thou wilt always shine as the pole star in the firmament of my life, and with all my heart and soul I shall constantly turn to Thee and follow Thee, until I grow into the light of Thy light, the life of Thy life and become completely identified with Thyself. Only then will be fulfilled the highest aspiration of my soul.

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